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Titian's Boatman
Release Date: 26th January 2017
Pages: 384
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
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A captivating story of how the ripples of the past impact on the current day.


It is 1576 and Venice is in chaos, ravaged by disease and overrun by crime.In the midst of the anarchy we find those brave souls who have chosen not to flee the city. Titian, most celebrated of Venetian painters, his health failing badly; Sabastiano a gondolier who is the eyes and ears of the corrupted and crumbling city and Tullia, the most famous courtesan of the age who must fight to retain her status as well as her worldly possessions. And in the present day the echoes of what happened centuries earlier still ripple as the lives of ordinary people as far distant as London and New York are touched by the legacy of old Venice…


This is a stunningly written and enticing story about Venice in the 1500s. The writing is so vibrant and the one thing that really struck me all through the book is how alive the settings feel – particularly the noises and smells of Venice in that time period. I absolutely loved this book. It took me a while to read it – not because I wasn’t enjoying it but because the writing was so rich and beautiful I just wanted to take my time and savour every little bit.

Titian’s Boatman has a really interesting premise. It centres around three different places – London and New York in 2011, and Venice in 1576. It’s a fascinating contrast between the two, and it’s hauntingly beautiful the way the paintings create little rippling effects hundreds of years after they were painted. The story is told in alternating points of view between the different locations, making for a beautifully complex, layer narration. This book was a pleasure to read, and really came alive the more I progressed through the story.

The characters in Titian’s Boatman really come alive on the page. Their stories are different, but all contain human emotions – anger and fear, love and loneliness. I loved that there was such a wide variety of characters. It offered so many perspectives, and made for such a beautiful and compelling story. I also must point how that I loved the simple and elegant cover design, I think it fits so well with the book. If you’re looking for beautiful writing, a complex and multi-layer plot and an enticing story, Titian’s Boatman will be just the think you’re looking for.

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