Book Review: Dog with a Bone – Hailey Edwards


Series: Black Dog – Book One
Release Date: October 31st 2014
Pages: 100.
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A supernatural tale with a whole host of different creatures, urban fantasy fans will love this one!

Thierry is a half-blood – half human and half fae. On the fateful night she learns of her heritage she is given two options: join the conclave or leave and never come back.Choosing to join the conclave Thierry becomes a marshal, protecting the peace and solving crimes against the fae community, but she has big shoes to fill, her absent father being a notorious marshal in his day. Combine all this with a budding romance with her incubus partner/teacher/friend Shaw, and you’ve got one whirlwind adventure on your hands.

I have to start by being honest and say I am not a big fan of urban fantasy, I personally prefer more epic fantasy, Tolkien style of novels. That being said, I absolutely loved Dog with a Bone and finished it in a very short space of time. It’s exciting, it’s funny and the characters are great. It reminds of a mash up between Supernatural and Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments.It’s a wonderful story, with everything you could possibly need, kick ass heroine who’s incredibly stubborn and won’t back down no matter the challenge? Check. Loads of different crazy supernatural creatures from Chimera to giant worms? Check. Mystery, intrigue and a whole host of action packed chapters? Check. Need I say more? There’s also loads of witty banter between Thierry and Shaw as well as lots of great secondary characters like Thierry’s Jeremy Renner obsessed best friend Mai, and conclave receptionist Mable, who although we only meet briefly, are fantastic characters that I can’t wait to learn more about in the next book. The book is a relatively short one and it feels like Edwards is just getting started, I think there’s a whole lot more to come and so many different things to explore in this interesting novel.

Not only is the character development great, I already love so many of the characters and I’ve only read this short novel, the plot is fantastic, with so many twists and turns, you’re always kept guessing – it’s like CSI in the fae world. Dog with a Bone definitely leaves you wanting more, I have so many unanswered questions about Thierry’s history and her mysterious father, I’m just itching to read the sequel.

There is lots of tension and romantic elements to the novel too, plenty of quick one liners and chemistry between Shaw and Thierry adds another dimension to an already fabulous book.This fast-paced high action book will leave you desperate for something more, but not to worry with sequel Heir of the Dog due to be released on January 30th, you won’t have long to wait!

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