Blog Tour: Puzzle Girl – Rachael Featherstone

33142047Release Date: 16th March 2017
Accent Press
Pages: 320
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This is chick-lit at its very finest.


Love is a riddle waiting to be solved…

Clued-up career girl Cassy Brookes has life under control until one disastrous morning changes everything.

When she finds herself stuck in a doctor’s surgery, a cryptic message left in a crossword magazine sends her on a search to find the mysterious ‘puzzle-man’ behind it.

Cassy is soon torn between tracking down her elusive dream guy, and outwitting her nightmare workmate, the devious Martin.

Facing a puzzling love-life, will she ever be able to fit the pieces together and discover the truth behind this enigmatic man?


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the fabulous Puzzle Girl! This is a terrific book, and one that I absolutely raced through, because I was enjoying it so much. Puzzle Girl is entertaining, fun and most of all a really great read.

The book of course centres on puzzles, and using a puzzle to find her mystery man. I don’t read an awful lot of chick-lit, but this struck me as really interesting and unique, so I jumped at the opportunity to read it. I’m so glad I decided to read it, the plot line is clever, and definitely keeps the reader guessing. It’s also clever in a hilarious way, and the antics that Cassy gets up to in order to work out who her puzzle man is, will make you giggle more than once.

As for Cassy herself she’s the perfect protagonist. Fond of making lists (much like myself) and prepared for almost every occasion, it’s really fascinating to watch as her obsession with solving the puzzle begins to take over her life. She spends less time with her friends and family, and begins to lose sight of what is really important, in order to solve the puzzle.Her workplace rivalry is also a really intriguing part of the plot, and it makes Cassy seem very realistic – we’ve all been there with that co-worker who starts to take over everything.

Puzzle Girl is also set in London, and the mentions of the DLR and other little London landmarks make for a really nice touch, and add to the overall feel of the book.

The story develops at a good pace, and gives the reader time to come up with different theories, without being too obvious at who the mystery man is. For me that is often the down-fall of chick-lit reads, I can guess the ending before the first few chapters are over and that somewhat spoils my enjoyment. That didn’t happen with Puzzle Girl, you pick up little pieces of information along the way, and that makes for a really fantastic story.

If you’re looking for  a fun and clever book to read – especially now the that the sun is shining a bit more  – this is definitely one to pick up!

Thanks for checking out my stop on the blog tour, be sure to check out all the other stops too, check them out below!

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