Book Review: From Syria With Love – Molly Masters

33123079Release Date: 9th February 2017
Pages: 112
Publisher: Apostrophe Books
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Source: I received a free copy of this book from IndieBooks in exchange for an honest review.


The Syrian conflict has turned more than a million children into refugees. Here, a group of them tell their stories through their own words and pictures, and by inspiring other creative voices. In this deeply moving yet inspiring book we see their daily lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon and hear their dreams for the future – above all, of returning to the country they love. The result is an honest portrait of the conflict, a challenge to our own priorities and prejudices, and an affirmation of our common humanity.


This is a really heartbreaking book. This book is published by Apostrophe Books and all money made from the book goes to those in refugee camps. Previous to reading this I knew very little about what life was like in these camps, but within this book contains some stories about life in the camps, as well as horrific stories of where people have escaped from.

From Syria With Love is a charity which showcases artwork and paintings by Syrian children who are currently caught in the refugee crisis.  Again they exhibit this in an effort to provide food clothing and supplies for those featured in the book. The book was very moving, and at some points I found it difficult to read, due to the harrowing nature of the events. The artwork is really interesting to look at, and I think it’s a really fabulous idea to produce a book which helps to raise money for those in need.

Reading From Syria With Love really makes you think about how lucky you are, and how often you take comforts like a roof over your head and food and money for granted. This is a really powerful book and will definitely hit people hard. On more than one occasion it certainly drove me to tears, and the combination of real life stories and visual artwork by the children really does make for a compelling book. It also supports a really amazing cause, so if you have the chance to check it out, head to where you can see some of the artwork, and find out more about the book.

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