Book Review: Glamour of the God – Touched – Ron Collins

Series: Saga of the God-Touched Mage – Book One
Publisher: Skyfox Publishing
Release Date: November 15th 2014
Pages: 64
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The beginning of an epic fantasy that looks set to develop into a fantastic series!

Garrick is an apprentice to the mage Alistair, he works hard and his life is set out for him. But not everything is right in the world. There are stirrings of war between the mage clans, and the Torean mages are in danger. All this Garrick is unaware of, as he innocently walks the local barmaid home, but tragedy strikes and in order to save the life of the lovely girl he is given the power of the gods. He saves her life, but at what cost?

I really enjoyed this one! I love a good fantasy novel and just seeing the cover had me intrigued. It’s very short and it feels like we’re just getting the beginning of what is about to happen, but that just made me want more! I am currently about to start book two and I can’t wait to see how the story develops,

There are loads of unique elements about this that I enjoyed. I also liked the different layers to the story, it’s not all just about Garrick dealing with these horrific powers, it’s also about the Torean mages being massacred and the other houses banding together in order to eradicate them. It’s certainly action packed, and flows really well. There are no boring chapters, it moves at a good pace and it’s well written. The different characters stand out and it definitely leaves you looking for more.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of epic fantasy, and there is lots of potential for the story to go in different directions, with battles and magic galore. The story is well written and unique, though very short – luckily the next volume has just been released and so you don’t have long to wait. If however you are looking for something of a longer length, then perhaps awaiting an omnibus edition would be preferable!

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