The Bibliophile Chronicles Top Valentine’s Day Picks!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! To celebrate I’m counting my favourite romance reads. What are your top Valentine’s Day reads?
1137911. How to Kill a Rock Star – Tiffanie Debartolo

I just love this book! The story is pretty straightforward, Eliza is a young music journalist, who meets Paul Hudson – singer song writer of with the band Bananafish. The two fall in love, but when Bananafish are signed to a major record label things begin to change…

This book is wonderfully written, and the ending is just wow. I laughed, I cried and I never wanted it to end, definitely a top pick!

160564082. Easy – Tammara Webber

This young-adult romance novel will knock your socks off! Jacqueline makes the decision to follow her high-school boyfriend to college instead of attending the music school of her dreams. The couple break up and Jacqueline finds herself alone at a college she didn’t choose. She attends a college party and is assulted, only to be saved by a mysterious stranger whom she later discovers is Lucas from her econ class. But Lucas has secrets of her own, and then there is the person who keeps following her, ultimately she has two decisions, fight back or give up.

This book is great, it broaches a whole host of different subjects and deals with them all in a really realistic, interesting way. This one will have you hooked! This is definitely one that I kept repeating “just one more chapter” about!

115057973. Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

The entire Beautiful Disaster series is bound to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit! I have as of yet, only read the first book, but there is a second as well as two shorts stories. There is also a follow up series about the Maddox Brothers, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied! I heard about it through so many good reviews on Goodreads, and I’m so glad I picked it up!

Abby has decided to be a good girl. She has a dark past and has decided to turn her life around, no more drinking, bad language or wild nights. Then she meets Travis Maddox, who spends his nights fighting in the local fighting ring. After losing a bet Abby is forced to live in Travis’s apartment. But can Abby keep her new good girl attitude?

A fun, enjoyable read, this one will have you hooked early on! It’s sweet and funny and it’s definitely one for the to be read pile!

Special Mention: I Am Ella. Buy Me. – Joan Ellis
I am Ella. Buy Me is my special mention. I recently did a review of the book (which you can read here) and I absolutely adored it. While it deals with a whole lot more than finding love, it is witty, sharp and fast paced, so I just had to mention it. If you’re looking for something a bit different this Valentine’s Day, then buy I Am Ella. Buy Me – you most definitely won’t be disappointed!

I Am Ella. Buy Me is one woman’s story of working in advertising in the 80s. Surrounded by sexist men, she strives to keep her job and find a social life. Things go from bad to worse, but then she meets Tom. Tom the lovely, kind man who will do anything for her. But is Tom all that he seems, and is he being truly faithful? Filled with witty one liners and plenty of cringe worthy moments, this is definitely a whirl wind read. 

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