Feature: My Chronicle Book Box Unboxing!

My Chronicle Book Box is a new monthly subscription book box available here: https://mychroniclebookbox.com/. There are different options available, and these curated boxes come in either Science Fiction and Fantasy or Crime and Mystery themes. I was lucky enough to be sent a Science Fiction and Fantasy box to review, and I think these boxes are absolutely stunning. The items inside were all beautiful and I cannot wait to order another one! Take a look at what’s inside:

1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Print.

This beautiful print was one of the first things that caught my eye in the box. I love tea and Alice in Wonderland, so this print was absolutely perfect for me and I can’t wait to get a frame for this and have it up next to my bookshelves.

2. Darkwoods Crowtree Blend Coffee

This coffee looks and smells amazing. It says on the cover that it ‘tastes of pure dark chocolate’ and I am absolutely dying to try it and my blogging bud and coffee conasciour Barb at The Coffee Woods, will certainly help me sample this beautiful coffee.

3. Northumbrian Candle Works Fresh Green Apple Candle

Oh my goodness this candle smells heavenly. I’ve never smelled a candle that is so exactly like the scent its supposed to be. It’s a strong and delicious smell and I am definitely going to be burning this on one of these cold winter nights. It’s so fresh and beautiful, and I love the clean design the candle has too. I’ve never had a candle from Northumbrian Candle Works before, but I’m definitely going to be trying more of their products.

4. Bookish Mirror

This little mirror is so sweet and charming. It’s got a material back with a lovely bookish design, and it’s the perfect size to pop in a handbag or makeup bag. This little mirror is a fantastic accessory for book lovers and I’ve already had some compliments about how lovely it is.

5. The Really Useful Magnifying Bookmark

I absolutely love this! It’s so quirky (and useful!) It’s very sturdy too, it feels like if I was to have it out and about in my bag and on the train it won’t fall apart easily like a lot of bookmarks do. It’s also great for reading essays with really small print in the footnotes because hey presto it’s magnified.

Inside the box was also this sweet letter with the My Chronicle Book Box wax seal. It’s a really nice touch and adds to the beautiful presentation of the box. The exclusive interview with Joanne Harris was a really interesting read because I love her books, and the letter also gives you information on the items in the box which is really useful now that I want to go and buy more of them!

Now as if all those bookish goodies weren’t enough, this subscription box comes with a whopping three books. For the price I thought this was unbelievable, given they were new books. Each book was beautifully wrapped, which kind of made it feel like Christmas unwrapping them. Here’s what I got:

1. Sweet Dreams – Tricia Sullivan

Charlie is a dreamhacker, able to enter your dreams and mould their direction. Forget that recurring nightmare about being naked at an exam – Charlie will step in to your dream, bring you a dressing gown and give you the answers. As far as she knows, she’s the only person who can do this. Unfortunately, her power comes with one drawback – Charlie also has narcolepsy, and may fall asleep at the most inopportune moment.
But in London 2022, her skill is in demand. And when she is hired by a minor celebrity – who also happens to be the new girlfriend of Charlie’s lamented ex – who dreams of a masked Creeper then sleepwalks off a tall building, Charlie begins to realise that someone else might be able to invade dreams.

2. Strange Sight – Syd Moore

The La Fleur restaurant has a slew of unusual phenomena. Bonnet-clad apparitions pass through walls, blood leaks from ceilings and rats besiege the dining room. Experts from the Great Essex Witch Museum are called in to quell these strange sights. But before Rosie Strange and Sam Stone can do their thing events turn darker. For La Fleur’s chef has been strung up and slaughtered like a pig. More oddly, he only witness, the owner’s daughter Mary, swears blind a ghost did it.
Rosie and Sam must find out what’s happening before Mary takes the fall. But intuitions and tip-offs lead them stumbling into the dark waters of the past, exposing secrets of a wider conspiracy, as well as secrets all Rosie’s own. With strange chills Rosie and Sam learn that seeing isn’t always believing, while thoughts of truth may be just as illusory

3. Proof of A Pocketful of Crows – Joanne Harris

I am as brown as brown can be,
And my eyes as black as sloe;
I am as brisk as brisk can be,
And wild as forest doe.
(The Child Ballads, 295)

So begins a beautiful tale of love, loss and revenge. Following the seasons, A Pocketful of Crows balances youth and age, wisdom and passion and draws on nature and folklore to weave a stunning modern mythology around a nameless wild girl.

Only love could draw her into the world of named, tamed things. And it seems only revenge will be powerful enough to let her escape.

I was so excited to get these books, I’m a big a fan of Joanne Harris so I can’t wait to read A Pocketful of Crows, and I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Strange Magic books. This box was an absolute pleasure to receive, it was beautifully presented and very carefully curated. The box gets a big five stars from me and if you’re looking for a new book box subscription, this is definitely one to look at.

Big thanks to Louise at My Chronicle Book Box for sending me a box to review!

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