Feature: December Book Haul!

December was a pretty busy month, and with all the shopping for Christmas presents, I couldn’t resist buying myself a few books. I am planning to go on a book buying ban in January, my TBR is pretty much uncontrollable, so I am planning to put £1 in a jar for every book that I read. Once I have accumulated enough, then I can purchase a new title. (That’s the idea anyway, we’ll see how long this actually works). So here are the books I either bought, got from a gift card or received as Christmas presents this month:


1. All the Crooked Saints – Maggie Stiefvater

This is one of my secret shames – I have never read a Maggie Stiefvater book. I’ve heard such fantastic things about pretty much every book she’s written, and so when I saw this one was buy one get one half price in Waterstones (and I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket) I couldn’t resist picking it up.

2. This Mortal Coil – Emily Suvada

I have an e-galley of this that I still haven’t read. (See why I need this book buying ban?)  but it’s a really beautiful book and it was the other one of my get one half price, so it was definitely okay to get a physical copy.

3. Night of Cake and Puppets – Laini Taylor

This book just looks so beautiful and so stunning. I read and adored Strange the Dreamer in 2017, so I’m dying to read more of Laini Taylor’s books. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is one I am going to conquer this year.

4. The Glass Spare – Lauren DeStefano

I love love love Lauren DeStefano. Wither is one of my favourite books, and so when I heard this was coming out I knew I had to get my paws on it. I patiently waited until after Christmas and now I am just desperate to get my TBR down a bit so I can read it.

5. An Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson

I bought this at the same time as The Glass Spare and picked it totally on a whim. I ended up reading it in one sitting, and really enjoyed this Faerie romance story.

6. Onyx and Crake – Margaret Atwood

This was another surprise on Christmas day. I read The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace as required reading in University, but I’ve never read any other books by Margaret Atwood. Given that I adored them both, I really wanted to pick up some more of her titles. My Dad kindly got me the MaddAddam series, which I am so looking forward to reading.

7. The Year of the Flood – Margaret Atwood

Book two in the series. I’m so excited to have all three books because it means I can just binge read them without having to stop and wait to pick up the next book.

8. MaddAddam – Margaret Atwood

And book three! They’re also these beautiful shiny Virago Press Editions, and I kind of want to buy all of Margaret Atwood’s books in this edition because they look so good.

9. False Hearts – Laura Lam

My partner always struggles to buy me books because I have so many and he never knows if I’ve read them or already have an ARC etc. So for Christmas I asked for some books by Laura Lam, because I’ve heard amazing things and always wanted to read them. I was so surprised when I unwrapped this, because not only was I dying to read it but it was also a signed copy!

10. Shadowplay – Laura Lam

This likewise was a total surprise, book two in the Micah Grey series, which was also a signed copy!

11. Masquerade – Laura Lam

Finally, book three in the series, which was (as you guessed it) signed as well. They were really fantastic presents to open on Christmas morning, and they are among the first series that I’m going to tackle in 2018.

So that’s my December book haul. Have you read any of these? What did you think? And what bookish goodies did you get this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Feature: December Book Haul!

  • Tammy

    I’ve read both the MaddAddam series and the Micah Grey series, both amazing! And I just read An Enchantment of Ravens as well. Such a great book haul! I’ve heard good things about This Mortal Coil. Enjoy😊

    • Nicole Post author

      Ah I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I’ve heard such wonderful things about MaddAddam. What did you think of An Enchantment of Ravens? Me too, can’t wait to get stuck into This Mortal Coil!