Book Review: Trail of the Torean – Ron Collins

Series: Saga of the God-Touched Mage – Book Two (See the review of book one here)
Release Date: November 30th 2014
Publisher: Skyfox Publishing
Pages: 154.
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The war between the mages has begun, but can Garrick stay out of the way long enough to control his new godly powers?

Garrick is hired by the viceroy of Caledena to transport an unusual pet for him. To do this he must travel to the distant deserts of Arderveer and obtain the creature from the mage known as Takrill. But Garrick has other motives. Still struggling with being god-touched, he journeys to Arderveer in hope that Takrill know of a way to remove this curse, and he can return to his ordinary life. But all is not that simple. The journey is fraught with dangers, demon like creatures that are drawn to Garrick’s power. Then of course there is the mage war. Garrick may not want to get involved, but the orders certainly have their eyes on him.

This series is gearing up to be one fantastic saga! This is the second book of the eight part series, and it is equally enjoyable as the first. I’m beginning to really get to grips with the characters, and learn more about the magic and workings of the world. The story is a very exciting one, it’s very fast-paced and the introduction of many of the new characters is very well written – I particularly like Darien, Garrick’s singing, forever chatting travelling partner. If you read book one of Saga of the God-Touched Mage, then you’re in a fantastic ride in book two.

There are some things about this book that I find particularly interesting. As someone who really enjoys fantasy, I always love those unique little quirks that makes a book stand out. In this book magic can be recognised because of the smell. Now this may not be wholly unique, but that is something I’ve never come across. Garrick’s magic smells of honey, and he recognises the smell of the Koradictine and other mages’ wizardry. I also loved the demon type creatures that attack Garrick and Darien, they’re described in great detail and make very spectacular and creepy baddies.

There is plenty of action, and there are lots of scenes that you can imagine as a big budget Hollywood film. The plot remains interesting throughout, and as with the previous book, it’s left on a cliffhanger that definitely leaves you looking for more.

“He tried to pull away, but his hand wouldn’t let go. He inhaled the animal in great gulps. It filled him, its magic rushing through his body.
Then the unicorn was a withered husk on the ground, its mottled fur covered with maggots, its horn charred and broken.
Bile rose in Garrick’s throat.
The judges’ arms rose, and smiles appeared on their thin lips.
Above him, a hundred dragons circled, carrying horses that dripped with fresh blood.”

If that doesn’t peak your interest and have you running out to buy it I don’t know what will! It’s a great little book, my one complaint being again that like the previous book it is very short. It feels like it’s only just started and then it’s over and you’re awaiting the next book. But it is turning out to be a fantastic series, and with plenty more books on the way, you’re sure to get your fill of the adventures of Garrick and Darien.

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