Book Tour: Fire Baptized – Kenya Wright

Series: Santeria Habitat – Book One
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Dragonfly Press
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Say hello to your new favourite fantasy series.

Human beings force supernatural creatures to live in a caged city known as the Habitat. There are all kinds of beings here – shape shifters, vampires, witches and tons more. Each is branded with a mark according to their species, but Lanore has an x brand – meaning mix breed. Mix breeds are treated like second class citizens, inferior in every way. On her way home from classes Lanore is the witness to a vicious murder. The killer knows who she is, and she fears she might be next in his killing spree. With the help of her ex-boyfriend MeShack and the leader of the organisation fighting for mixed breed rights, she must find the killer before he finds her.

Welcome to the blog tour for Fire Baptized, organised by the lovely Diverse Book Tours. As soon as I read the synopsis for Fire Baptized I was desperate to read it. It sounded fantastic, and it absolutely is. Let’s start with the world building, which is wonderful. Not only is there a whole host of different beings that Wright describes in very vivid and realistic ways, she has also created a whole back story and rich history for each of the species. I loved the rebels and the fighting for supernatural rights. It was an immensely detailed and fantastically written book.

The characters are dark, and extremely interesting. There’s Lanore herself, who’s part fairy and part demon. All she wants is to make it through her classes, and be treated like everyone else. She’s not perfect – she sometimes makes mistakes, but she’s a really great character. MeShack is a shifter, a somewhat arrogant one but both feel like very realistic characters, even with their supernatural powers. The thing that really struck me was that often when you read books in this fantasy genre they are so over the top that they don’t really feel believable. It’s definitely not the case with Fire Baptized. If supernatural beings appeared on the planet tomorrow, caging them and shunning them is exactly what we’d probably do. I really enjoyed the book because it was so easy to dive right into the world.

The plot is really addictive, and definitely keeps you guessing. I think it’s often hard to keep readers guessing, but I was still trying to work things out with Fire Baptized. It’s dark and gritty, there’s lots of horror and lots of violence. The habitat is a violent place, and everyone is striving for survival. The violent scenes are very intense, but they really draw you into the action. This book has everything you could want – an intense mystery, lots of supernatural creatures and a love-triangle (which I won’t go into too much detail about because I don’t want to spoil the story!)

It’s a very well paced story, and is something different that I haven’t seen for a while. The characters are also from different ethnic backgrounds, something that is not often scene in the fantasy genre. I really enjoyed reading Fire Baptized, and I think fantasy fans will too, it’s a fresh take on a genre that can sometimes feel a bit overplayed. Fire Baptized is also the first in the series, with a second and a third book out now. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering the Santeria Habitat series, you won’t be disappointed!

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