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24361482Release Date: 7th March 2015
Publisher: Self – Published
Pages: 295
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An angel and a demon working together to uncover a plot that threatens the world. That’s going to run smoothly right?

Asta is an Angel enforcer. She has guarded the humans for almost a century, and in a few weeks, she’ll be heading home, back to the realm of the angels. She decides to let her hair down, maybe drink some coffee, try some food and generally do things angels aren’t supposed to do. But as Asta sets about sending a pesky demon back to Hel, she discovers that this one has immunity, and that he won’t leave her alone. Dar is having a vacation, and decides torturing Asta may be the most fun he has ever had. But when the two uncover a strange demonic energy that continually fades in and out, will Asta be able to save the humans and keep her feelings for Dar under control before her service is up?

Lets start with the characters of this book. Asta is probably my favourite, she’s an angel, but not one of these snooty angels, she loves humans dearly, leaves lottery tickets for people, shoplifts clothes and has a mild coffee addiction. Then there’s Dar, the witty bad boy that everyone hates to love. Dunbar creates a great deal of chemistry between the two and there are lots of interesting scenes where the two end up in awkward situations.

I haven’t read the Imp series (though I am most definitely going to after reading this) but the world is the same as in Three Wishes. The world building is solid, and while the story is set in the Chicago, Dunbar paints a very realistic vision of the windy city, very much reminding me of the time that I visited! The language used is lovely and the story flows really well, and it hints at lots of little things about Hel and angels and demons fighting that I assume are most focused on in the Imp series. It really makes me look forward to reading them, because the plot in Three Wishes is exciting and fun, a definite pleasure to read.

The thing that really made Three Wishes a four star book for me was the humour. There were plenty of witty sarcastic moments between Asta and Dar, and quite a few compromising situations. Asta has spent little time in human contact and so she often misunderstands innuendos, which creates very funny chapters. I often found myself smiling or laughing when reading it. It’s a very enjoyable and easy going read, and it’s one I think I would definitely go back and read again.

There is also a great amount of character transformation in the book, Asta goes from being loyal enforcer, to questioning the ethics of the demon and angel conflict. Dar begins as a demon who wants nothing more than to live the fast life and antagonise people, but by the end he strives to be something more. The novel is endearing and sweet, funny and exciting, as well as dabbling in action and mystery. It is one of my favourite urban fantasy novels of 2015. Pick it up today – you won’t regret it.

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