Book Review: Eliza Bluebell – A. J. York

Release Date: December 1st 2014
Pages: 58.
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This sweet, charming children’s novel will have your kids smiling at bedtime!

When Eliza Bluebell takes over a derelict shop in Blossom Brook, she changes the lives of the local people forever. With the help of her trusty shadow, she transforms the shop into a beautiful tea-room, While feasting on her gorgeous cakes and milkshakes, Eliza helps the residents of Blossom Brook transform their lives, and make their lives a happier place.

This is a really lovely book and an absolute pleasure to read. This is the sort of book that in the future, I’d like to read to my children. It’s fun, enjoyable and full of quirky, original characters. Although it’s a children’s book it touches on a whole variety of subjects, from friendship, to affording to get married to loneliness. It’s a really great story, the plot is fantastic and it’s very easy to read and it flows extremely well.

This is definitely a book children will love, there’s a whole host of characters and I’m sure any parent will have just as much fun putting on different voices and accents as a child will listening to it. It’s a bright and sunny book, one I couldn’t imagine not enjoying. Something I particularly noticed is that the plot is a very original one, and it manages to weave life lessons and topics in in a very interesting and subtle way.

There are also some lovely little illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I read this book on the kindle, and although they were lovely on that, I can imagine they are even more enjoyable in paper form.

As for the characters, Eliza and her shadow are great. They’re very well written, enjoyable characters and I found myself smiling a lot at the subtle and funny ways that they help the people of Blossom Brook, from two young school girls who have fallen out, to the gossipy women across the street who want to get together for a chat. Something that really struck me was the shadow, which reminded me so much of Peter Pan, a story I loved when I was younger. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but the mischievous shadow reminded me a lot of Barrie’s beloved story, which made me smile all the more.

A truly beautiful, creative enjoyable story that can be adored by children, as well as the adults that are reading it to them.

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