Book Review: The Darkling Tide – Travis Simmons

Harbingers of Light – Book Two
Release Date: January 18th 2015
Publisher: Wryding Ways Press
Pages: 107
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The shadow plague is spreading, will Abbie and her friends be able to stop it?

Abigail is still fighting the shadow plague. It has spread up her arm, and the sooner she gets to the harbingers, the better. They are the only ones who can teach her to control it, and stop it spreading to her whole body, but the path to the harbingers and the home of the elves is fraught with dangers, and the shadow plague is infesting the world at every turn. The are told to stay on Singer’s Trail, if they stay on the path, the darklings cannot reach them. But the wards around the trail are weakening, will Abbie and her friends make it to harbingers in time? Not only that, trouble is brewing in the elven town of New Landenten. They need a way to rid the world of the shadow plague. There is talk of using the sun and moon sceptres, but this could wipe out the human race. At what cost will the elves rid the world of the darklings?

Book two of The Harbingers of Light is just as exciting and intense as the first one! At book two begins, the plot thickens and becomes even more complex. There’s lots going on, and plenty to keep the reader immersed in this world. As with the first book the writing is exciting and well thought out, and the immense detail of the world building is just as outstanding as in A Plague of Shadows.

I really like the character building in this series. Abbie, Leona and Rorick have to grow up so fast, and its interesting to see the subtle ways that Simmons displays this. I really like Leona, she’s stubborn and determined and a really fascinating character. It’s also really intriguing to see how Abigail has changed as the shadow plague infects her system more and more.

Ever since I was little and I read The Lord of the Rings books, I have been fascinated by elves, and any mere mention of them sparks my attention in a book. We are only treated to a little mention of them in book one, but they play a really integral role in The Darkling Tide, and they are just fantastically written. The descriptions of the eerie but beautiful New Landenten as well as the introduction of Daniken – Celeste’s sister – into the story were all parts of the story that I really enjoyed.

The story moved along at a great pace and is definitely a must read for fantasy fans. I received an ARC copy, which had several grammar and spelling mistakes, and this took away my enjoyment of the story a little. Despite this it is a really exciting and enjoyable read, it’s a world that’s really easy to delve into and one that I am just desperate to know more about. I am very much looking forward to book three!

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