Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars – John Green


Release Date: January 2012
Publisher: Dutton Books
Pages: 313.
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A heartbreaking story that will definitely have you reaching for a tissue.

This review is going to be somewhat different to the usual reviews I write, due to the fact that almost everyone has heard something about this book, whether it be the book itself or the movie adaptation, I don’t see there being too much point in writing a synopsis. If somehow you are not aware of the plot of The Fault in Our Stars, you can read a very detailed one on Goodreads here.

John Green is an author who so many people love. Many of my friends have read everything he has ever written, whereas I have, apart from The Fault in Our Stars, only read Looking for Alaska (and Zombicorns). So going into reading this I had very little knowledge about the way John Green writes. I managed to read this before I saw the movie, thankfully because although I enjoyed the movie a lot, the book is even more wonderful in comparison.

This book is very raw, heartbreaking and emotional. It is written in a very honest and frank way, and I so far have not met anyone who managed to keep a dry eye when reading it. Hazel and Gus are beautiful characters, they’re so real and lifelike and their story just leaps off the page. I rooted for them both, I so wanted them to find happiness.

Having lost family members to cancer, it is a truly fascinating book about the way the disease can affect so many lives. It is beautifully written and completely takes your breath away. Although is is ultimately an emotional story, I think something that is a little overlooked is the funny moments in the story. There were chapters when I genuinely laughed out loud. Gus and Hazel are so witty and sarcastic and just perfect, perfect characters.

I can imagine that if you haven’t already read or seen The Fault in our Stars, then you know the story. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth reading. It is a beautiful piece of writing that will make you laugh and make you cry. It is easy to see why the book has won so many awards, it is truly an astounding novel.

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