Blog Tour: Earth’s Requiem – Ann Gimpel


Series: Earth Reclaimed – Book one
Release Date: March 1st 2015
Publisher: Self – Published
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Urban fantasy at its finest.

Earth as we know it has been completely destroyed. It has been ravaged by dark creatures and every human on earth not possessing magic has been killed. Aislinn has lost everyone she has ever known, and has been coerced into fighting against the dark creatures she knows so little about. She has become hard as steel, not seeking friendship with anyone or anything. Aislinn suddenly becomes a target for the dark gods, her unique gifts make her a prime target to carry their children. As she fights to survive she meets Fionn MacCumhaill. They have an instant connection, but how can the two possibly have a relationship when the fate of Earth is at stake?

Welcome to my stop of the Earth Reclaimed series by Ann Gimpel! This is such an exciting series. It dumps you down right in the middle of the action, and doesn’t hold anything back. It’s so jam packed with action you’ll need a lie down after reading it. The plot is well paced with a few interesting twists and turns. It is classed as urban fantasy, but I feel it doesn’t fall completely in that category, having a little bit of dystopia, romance, and science fiction thrown in too.

I really liked Aislinn, she’s kick ass and doesn’t back down from a challenge. She’s an immensely complex character, she’s lost so much but she still continues to fight. I really liked the way she’s portrayed. She keeps her emotions locked up, but slowly you can see than unravel. The characters are really interesting, and each comes with it’s own emotional baggage. I enjoyed that exploration into what they were like before – even Rune the wolf (my favourite!) has a past and grieves for lost loved ones.

The book is well written and engaging. The dialogue follows well, and while I said there is plenty of action, it’s not completely crammed in that there’s no room for character growth. I really liked the world building in this series because it brings in so many different things, magic and aliens and gods and animals that bond with humans and tons of other unique and interesting things in between. Earth’s Requiem is a really fascinating enjoyable book that I found myself thinking about even when I wasn’t reading it.

Before I round off I want to mention how much I liked the dark gods in this book. Who doesn’t love a good baddie? Well these ones certainly fit the bill. They’re dark and charismatic and completely ruthless. The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but don’t work, book two and three are out now, so you don’t have to wait to find out the conclusion to this fantastic fantasy series!

This tour was run by the lovely Bewitching Book Tours, and stay tuned for my reviews of Earth’s Blood and Earth’s Hope!

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