Book Review: A Lament of Moonlight – Travis Simmons


Series: Harbingers of Light – book three (See my reviews of book one and book two!)
Release Date: March 24th 2015
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 168.
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This series will be the death of me.

Abigail and her friends are still on their journey to the harbingers of light. She has to learn to control the plague that has infested her body, or she will succumb to the darkness. Each time she learns something about it, she becomes more confused about how to control it. But that is not her only problem. Abigail and her friends are being targeted by the darkling gods, the ones determined to destroy everything good and peaceful in the nine worlds. They believe the group carry the godslayer – a magical weapon that can destroy the gods that cast them out. Can Abigail and her team survive long enough to escape the clutches of the darklings, and will they ever reach the harbingers of light?

Seriously this book will be the death of me. Every time I think I have things sussed out, something turns it around and completely changes my mind. There’s plenty of twists in this plot and it moves along at a very quick and enjoyable pace. I always find it really easy to immerse myself in the world of this series, it’s exciting and there’s always something new in each instalment.

The thing that always strikes me about this series is the amount of interesting species. I think I’ve met them all and then bam there’s something new. There’s not just humans and elves and darklings, there’s pixies and elle folk – which are like scary fairy demon things – frost giants and hell hounds. It’s a very diverse range and it leads to some really fascinating scenes.

The writing, as with the other two books is great, there’s plenty of interesting dialogue and plenty of time for character growth in between the action moments. I really liked the different points of view in this book, we get to know a bit more about Abigail’s father, and what the darkling gods are planning. It made me really desperate to know more.

I really love the character development in this series. Abigail and her sister have been through so much, and it’s really fascinating the subtle ways that they’ve changed since A Plague of Shadows. Leona in particular – I’m biased because she is my favourite character – has changed so much from the innocent little girl who claims her dolly can see the future.

Once again my only problem is I felt it was over before it began! I’m now eagerly awaiting the release of book four. It may be my own fault for reading this in the space of two sittings, but I think that shows just how enjoyable and exciting this series really is!

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