Book Review: Bound by Blood – Margo Bond Collins

23387619Series: Night Shift (But can be read as a stand alone novella!)
Release Date: 10th November 2014
Publisher: Bathory Gate Press
Pages: 57
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A dark, sinister novella that certainly packs a punch.

Lili works at the Centre for Disease control, and out of the blue receives a phone call from an old friend, asking her to take a look at a child with a very unusual illness. As a second patient is brought in with the same symptoms, Lili realises she had a dream about that patient, without ever having met the little girl before. Is she somehow causing this disease? Lili recalls memories from her childhood, from a virus that spread through the children in her school. Her grandmother told her it was the work of an aswang, a vampire who feeds on the blood of children. Could it be possible that what her grandmother said is true, and even worse, could it be happening again?

I read this all in one sitting, it’s a really fantastic read! This is my first book by Margo Collins, but I am definitely going to seek out the other Night Shift books, as personally I’m really intrigued as to how this story fits in with the others. While it is part of the Night Shift world, you can totally read it on its own the way I did. It doesn’t impact your enjoyment in the slightest.

The thing that I found most exciting about this is the realistic way it’s written. From the outset it kind of reminded me of the TV show The Strain, but then went in a completely different direction that took me by surprise and really heightened up the tension. It’s dark and intriguing and there’s some pretty gory bits in it too. I also really love the opening – you’re dropped right into a conversation that instantly lets you get to know the main characters. It flows really well and it was just an easy, fun read.

I really liked Lili, she’s a great character – strong willed and determined, she knows when she has to do the right thing. I also really liked Harry, who to me felt like one of those 60s cops with a cigar hanging out his mouth. If you haven’t read anything by Margo Collins previously, I think this would be a good introduction, it’s easy going but still packs a lot into a small number of pages. The plot moves along really well and comes to a satisfying conclusion, which doesn’t always happen with short novellas.

It’s creepy, it’s entertaining, it has a great cover and it’s a really enjoyable read. Do I really have to say anything else? Bound by Blood and Sanguinary – the other Night Shift novel, are available now, so add these to your reading lists, you’ll thank me for it!

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