Book Review: Witch Emerging – Mona Hanna

17192574Series: High Witch – Book Two (See my review of book one here)
Release Date: September 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 145
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Ariel and Brayden are back, and this time they’re facing a new threat.

Ariel and Brayden have been married for a week, but they already have a lot on their plate. Ariel is pregnant, but something isn’t quite right with the pregnancy, and the parents to be are worried about their future child. Ariel is also desperate to find the other high witches, to ensure they never face what she went through with Julius.

Hallie is a young woman who fled from her childhood home in order to make a life somewhere where no one knew she was a witch. With a broken heart she takes up residence in a new town, with a new job. She wants to forget her childhood, the times when her magic was uncontrollable and she hurt people. But a stranger comes to town, someone who knows all about her past. He needs Hallie for his revenge plan, and will stop at nothing to get her, not even killing the man she loves.

This is the sequel to High Witch, and I’m afraid it just wasn’t for me. I thought the first book had potential, and so decided to dive into the second book, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Like the first book, Witch Emerging is incredibly short, and I felt it was over before it really began. I ended up reading it in two sittings because it was such a quick read. In that respect it’s a quick, easy and enjoyable read. The story does also have some action packed scenes and answers some of the questions we are left with about Ariel’s past in book one.

This story kind of frustrated me, because I felt it had so much potential, and veered off in the opposite direction from what I wanted it to do. I wanted two kick-ass high witches who didn’t let anyone blackmail or kidnap them, instead the story is mainly filled with romantic scenes of hair kissing and the man telling the woman that everything will be okay. I also didn’t really understand how Hallie can have her heart broken by Sean when he tells her he wants to be with her – but not the way she is now, she has to change – then he disappears without a word for two years, turns up on her doorstep and everything is fine, they’re together and happy and living together.

I also felt the story was a little predictable, a man who looks like Julius is out for revenge, who could be possibly be and what could he possibly want revenge for? I felt that the action scenes and the moments of Ariel and Hallie learning about magic were brushed over in favour of hand holding and kissing. I guess this series falls more into the category of romance with a touch of fantasy, as opposed to the other way around. The story does have it’s moments of intrigue, there’s a couple of interesting action scenes and Hallie having visions of Ariel and blood did spark my intrigue. If you’ve read the first book, it is a quick and easy read and will answer some of your questions from earlier in the series, but overall, just wasn’t for me.

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