Book Review: Delilah Dusticle – A. J. York

Delilah Dusticle – Book One
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: June 1st 2014
Pages: 96.
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Can Delilah Dusticle come and clean my house please?

Delilah is a maid in the service of the Fenchurch-Whittingtons. She is a whizz at cleaning dust, and Mrs Fenchurch-Whittington is the envy of all the women at the Ladies Club for having such a fantastic maid. Delilah is given offers from various people for other jobs, with better wages and the chance to travel the world. But Delilah continues to remain in the service of the Fenchurch-Whittingtons, as she harbours romantic notions towards Charlie Fenchurch-Whittington, the son of her employer. However when Charlie returns home from a trip with a fiancee, Delilah’s heart is broken and she is no longer a whizz at eradicating dust. Forced to leave the household and take up employment in a graveyard, Delilah is constantly surrounded by dust. But can an unexpected friendship change Delilah’s life forever?

I absolutely adore Delilah Dusticle. This is the second book by A.J York that I’ve read, and I love it even more than Eliza Bluebell. It’s a great little fantasy story that is perfect for children, but is also really enjoyable for adults. It’s fun, it’s easy to read and it will definitely have you smiling by the time you finish the last page!

The story is set in wartime London, and I feel like that adds a sense of mystery and dynamic to the plot. It’s a very unique, quirky little story that I think I would absolutely have adored as a child! This is another book that I would definitely love to read to my children. It’s a very colourful and exciting plot, and it really is a delight to read. I love the fantastical elements of the story. A..J. York takes something as simple as a maid eradicating dust, and turns it into a fantastic super power. It is a wonderfully executed little story.

I also loved the characters! Gosh where to start? Delilah is great, I really wanted her to find happiness and get back to the way her life used to be. I also wanted her to find love, someone to be herself with. I loved Abigail, the sweet lovely lady that Delilah finds friendship with. The book has a lot to say about love and friendship, and I think they are themes and life lessons that can be understood and enjoyed at any age, no matter if you’re five or fifty.

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