Blog Tour: Clusters – T. M. Williams

Release Date:
February 4th 2015
Publisher: AZ Publishing
Pages: 290.
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Read this book with the light on…

When a little girl and her dog mysteriously vanish, the police and locals put every effort into finding her. After a week of searching, her body is found in the closet of the family home – even though it was thoroughly searched.

Ethan Franco is a journalist for the Washington Gazette, but he’s on his last legs. He is given one last chance, to research the case of the little girl’s death, and a possible connection to a disappearance seven years ago. What Franco finds is much more than two disappearances, but hundreds over the years. Can he find out what is causing the mysterious vanishings, and why exactly are government vehicles beginning to follow him around?

Welcome to my stop on the Clusters blog tour, run by the wonderful Goddess Fish Promotions! I LOVED this book. Let me start off by saying that I don’t usually read mystery/crime thriller type novels – too often you guess within the first few chapters ‘whodunit’ and then the rest of the book is just a drag, but that absolutely isn’t the case with Clusters. I was confused, still trying to figure things out and frequently muttering ‘what the hell!?’ right up until the very end. This is a gripping puzzle, and one you’ll definitely want to find the answers to.

The story is complex and exciting. It moves along well, and constantly drops little bits of information about the disappearances. I’m telling you I had a list of theories in my head as I read and I was constantly changing it, adding to it, taking stuff away – it really is a fantastic plot that keeps you interested. It’s got plenty of action and mystery, and each chapter definitely leaves you intrigued and wanting more.

Clusters made me uncomfortable in the best way. It was so creepy and tense that I swear I was reading in bed and put the light back on. The footprints in the woods right next to the tent where everyone is asleep, the strange noises heard in the woods, and those menacing FBI agents all genuinely left me feeling uneasy. This book is so realistic, every bit of it feels possible. If there was something strange going on in the woods, would the government cover it up? Most likely. The fact that so many of the cases used in this story are real cases, just adds another dimension to that realism (and unsettling feeling) that drives this book. I really like the way that Williams added information about the cases she used – she provides information and links if you want to know more about the mysterious disappearances, because it made it even more shocking.

Franco and the Sheriff are great characters, and there’s a good chemistry between the two. I really liked them both. The dialogue between the two is good and the story is written in a superb way. In my opinion, you could not ask for a better mystery. It’s scary, intense and fascinating – it will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

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