Book Review: The Evil of Oz – Ryan Fuller

25353459Illustrator: Sanjana Baijnath
Pages: 108
Release Date: April 7th 2015
Publisher: Ryan Fuller
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Dorothy and the gang return in this dark and sinister sequel.

One night Dorothy returns home to find Auntie Em and Uncle Henry brutally murdered with an axe. In order to extract revenge for their horrific deaths, she returns to Oz, desperate to know why they were slaughtered. When she returns she finds the world of Oz much changed. The minds of all those she once knew and loved are dark and corrupted. Will Dorothy be able to cleanse Oz of the evil that has infected it?

Wow this is a dark one! I loved The Wizard of Oz as a child so I jumped at the chance to read this graphic novel sequel. Many will say “Oh look, yet another Wizard of Oz remake” but I really enjoyed this adaptation for many many reasons. First off, the artwork is superb. It’s beautiful, dark, and very very gory. Some of the panels had little or no words on them and it made a very haunting piece of work. The drawings of Dorothy felt quite life like, in fact there is one of her eyes that pretty much left me feeling uncomfortable. Here’s a quick peek at how gorgeous the artwork is:

The one thing I really loved about this story was the way Ryan Fuller twists the well known Oz tale. He takes the things that Dorothy’s friends asks for – courage for the lion, a brain for the scarecrow and turns them into something dark and sinister. I won’t go into any detail about what happens to them, because in the case of The Evil of Oz, a picture really does speak a thousand words. It’s sad in an almost Shakespearian tragedy sense, but it makes some very fascinating reading.

It was a pretty quick read, being just over a hundred pages and I wish there had been a bit more, just to prolong my enjoyment of the story a little more. As it stood I managed to read it in an hour or so, but it definitely something I will return and reread because it’s a really quick enjoyable read. As a fan of the Wizard of Oz I enjoyed thinking about what has happened to Dorothy in the time between the original and this sequel, and I absolutely loved the opportunity to dive back into the world of Oz. If you’re a fan of the original, I’d definitely recommend this version. It’s dark, sinister and loads of fun. I’d love to see Ryan and Sanjana’s take on the original version too!

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