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Series: Ash and Ruin – Book One
Release Date: December 2013
Publisher: Smashwords
Pages: 263.
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Monsters are real in this sinister post apocalyptic world…

The world as we know it has gone. The pestas appeared in the night, spreading disease to all corners of the land. Kat, one of the few survivors of the plague is forced to flee her home as they attempt to contain the deadly pox. She knows she will never see her parents again. As she leaves he mother tells her to seek out a relative in Washington, someone who will take her in and shelter her from the chaos. But Washington is a far distance from LA, will she be able to survive the disease as well as the rabid gangs of humans?

What an addictive book! As soon as I started I was hooked, and completely unable to put it down. It was really realistic and paints a very stark picture of what’s likely to happen if ever such a thing was to happen. The military quarantine, the chaos that humanity descends into, fighting each other and tearing each other apart for cans of food.

This book set me constantly on edge, there was always something at every turn and I had no idea what was going to happen – or if Kat and Dylan were safe. The writing is fabulous, very dark and tense. Perhaps my favourite thing about the whole book was the characterisation, particularly of Kat. Sometimes you read dystopian novels and instantly the protagonist knows exactly what they have to do to survive. This is not the case with Kat, she struggles to carry her heavy pack, struggles every day to find food and water, and has a constant inner turmoil about the kind of person she wants to be now that the world is ending. I really enjoyed seeing the growth from the beginning of the book to the end, especially as she becomes stronger and more resilient.

The book is paced well and definitely has plenty to offer. I loved that as Kat is walking we are treated to stories from the past, haunting things she has seen on her travels. It really added another dimension to the story, and of course made me desperately want Kat to succeed. Despite being a privileged girl who worries about her hair, she’s an immensely likeable character and strong willed to survive all that she has. The same can be said for Dylan, who despite everything remains kind and caring. Together they make a pretty tough team.

The one thing I wish the book had mentioned is how the pestas came to be. Why they’re spreading the pox, where they come from etc. but with two more books in the series, I’m hopeful we’ll find out. World of Ash is an exciting story, and the Ash and Ruin series is definitely one to watch!

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