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22749846Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Release Date: June 2nd 2015
Pages: 272
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What would you do if you found out the person you loved had a whole other life?

Charlie Price was a young and handsome man, someone who travelled the world and had many friends. He is tragically killed in a plane explosion, and his parents hold a memorial for him in Paris – the city he spent much of his childhood. While no body was actually recovered from the wreckage, people still attend to mourn the loss of Charlie Price. Whilst there two girls – Aubrey and Lena, make a shocking discovery: they have both been dating Charlie, both believing Charlie loved them. This revelation leads to an around the world trip, to find out who exactly the real Charlie Price was.

Welcome to the blog tour for Charlie, Presumed Dead, run by the wonderful Rock Star Book Tours. I absolutely loved this book. It’s addictive, exciting and the whole way through I was desperate for answers. The whole story is super mysterious and ends with the biggest cliffhanger. It’s really well written and easy to delve into, and the plot is very well paced. I also think the premise for the book is a really fascinating one. How well do you really know someone? Both Lena and Aubrey think they know exactly who Charlie is, but which one is the real one and which is a persona?

The characters are incredibly interesting in Charlie, Presumed Dead. Aubrey and Lena are complete polar opposites, but both love Charlie Price. Lena is described as elfin, enjoys partying and going out whereas Aubrey is much more reserved. It’s so interesting to see the two of them interact because they’re from such different worlds, and the story throws them together in a really fascinating way. Charlie is also such a mysterious and interesting character, he clearly has so much going on inside his head, peering into that void is a really dark and scary experience.

Lena and Aubrey travel to lots of exotic locations in the novel, and I really enjoyed the contrast between the chapters set in London and Bombay and everywhere else in between. It added another dimension to the story and made the mystery so much more exciting. Charlie, Presumed Dead has got to have a sequel, there is no way it can end the way it does. This book is full of suspense, and can be described as nothing less than bone chilling.

The book is divided up into chapters with alternating points of view – between Charlie, Lena and Aubrey. I really liked this because you get to see events from different perspectives, and the cryptic Charlie chapters certainly hyped up the tension. It’s a really enjoyable exciting book, and definitely one that I recommend.

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About the Author:

ANNE HELTZEL Anneis a Brooklyn-based author and editor of children’s books. Anne was born in Ohio, has been a voracious reader since the age of three, and credits her careers in publishing and writing (both lifelong dreams–just ask to see her childhood journal) to a serendipitous coffee shop conversation during her senior year of college. Anne was on a law school track until the aforementioned fateful conversation prompted her to switch gears and move to New York City, where she entered an M.F.A. program. In 2007 she began her first job in publishing. In 2008 she graduated from The New School with a master’s degree in Writing for Children. Anne has since lived in India and Paris, and has taught writing and reading workshops in each of her former homes. More recently, she participated as a mentor in NYC’s Girls Write Now program. When she is not writing, Anne is furiously (and passionately) editing novels for a Manhattan publishing house. She is represented by Stephen Barbara at InkWell Management. Anne also writes under the pseudonym Anna Collomore.

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