Book Review: Silent Orchids – Morgan Wylie


Series: The Age of Alandria – Book One
Release Date: 2013
Publisher: American Majestic Entertainment
Pages: 238
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An ancient evil has been unleashed in this dark and exciting high fantasy.

The realm of Alandria is in great danger. Daegan, one of the elite warrior fairies, has been charged with the responsibility of finding the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious power that will restore hope and safety to the people of Alandria. Though Daegan carries out this mission, he does not trust those he serves, and fears the result this Sol-lumieth will bring.

Kaeleigh is a young girl just turned eighteen, abandoned as a child in Montana. Now as she reaches adulthood she is desperately trying to find out where she belongs. Having know idea who her family is, she embarks on a journey to discover her past, but she might not like what she uncovers.

I really loved the premise of this book. Alandria felt like a Middle Earth setting, with fairies and other creatures thrown into the mix. The idea of a mysterious power that would save the dying realm intrigued me, and definitely kept me wanting to know more. I preferred the Daegan elements of the story more than Kaeleigh’s, but it was interesting to see how they weaved together. The abandoned at childhood with an unknown past felt a little predictable, but it was still executed well.

The first half of the book felt a little slow, but it definitely picked up in the middle chapters. Kaeleigh’s character is a really interesting one. Everyone pins so many ideals on her and she is not what everyone expects her to be. I also really liked her two best friends, Finn and Chel. The three made for an interesting dynamic and I enjoyed their musketeer like adventure.

The story features a wide array of creatures, not just elves and fairies but shifters and many others in between. I felt that it was a bit of a unique take on the high fantasy story, as it can get a little played out, but there was plenty of action and lots of interesting dialogue. Sometimes the writing style felt a little rigid, but it didn’t detract from the story too much.

Wylie has definitely paid attention to all the little things in this novel, and as a reader that is always something I appreciate. From maps to glossaries, the world is very easy to immerse yourself in, and that detail just makes it that much more realistic. If you’re a fan of high fantasy, this is definitely a series to watch out for.

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