Blog Tour: Among the Shadows – Various Authors

Release Date: September 14th 2015
Pages: 276
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Even the lightest hearts have shaded corners to hide the black thoughts that come at night. Experience the darker side of YA as 13 authors explore the places that others prefer to leave among the shadows.

Now read an exclusive excerpt from one of the stories in Among the Shadows: Chasing the Sky by R.C Lewis!

The sky, green and clear and silent, lured Akash through the groves of reed-trees as he sought a clearing with a better view. The best he usually had was from the roof of their building in the compound, but if he returned before gathering the assigned samples, Tanar Dev would send him back out with a kick to his hindquarters.

That was all right. Akash didn’t want to go back any sooner than he had to. Despite the decent view overhead, the walls of the compound—the same walls, same buildings, nothing changing, ever…it suffocated something inside him and set it screaming at the same time.

Maybe today. Maybe the answer would be among these samples. Maybe after all these years—extending long before his own birth—they would find what they needed to expand their borders, or even better, start a new colony elsewhere on Pumilam.

Growth. Change. A different view. Akash longed for all of it. The longing pushed him as he chased the sky, farther than he was supposed to go. Certainly not the farthest he’d ever been. But far enough.

Too far from the compound walls when the alarm sounded.

Impossible. They were five days early.


Fine violet ash still filled the air when Akash arrived at the compound, coating the walls and beyond. Coating everything in its dusky, bruise-like hue, including his nose. As a little boy, he’d worried it was poison, that leaving it behind was the real attack. But no, his mother assured him, the ash was just a harmless, biodegradable residue from the explosions.

So many explosions.

About the Author:
R.C. Lewis has taught math to teenagers for over ten years, including several where she found calculus is just as fun in American Sign Language. After a lifetime of thinking she didn’t have an ounce of creativity, she realized she just needed to switch to metric. When she escapes the classroom, she writes geek-infused YA like Stitching Snow (2014, Hyperion) and Spinning Starlight (2015, Hyperion).

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Chasing the Sky and the other twelve fantastic stories will be available to buy on September 14th. You can also enter the tour wide give away for a paperback copy of the book and a signed swag bag (US only) Click here to enter!

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