Book Review: Night of Elisa – Isis Sousa

Release Date: 7th September 2014
Publisher: Tragic Books
Pages: 208.
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This beautiful, haunting Gothic novel will leave you desperate for more!

In Duskland, Leonhard takes his nightly stroll through the forest where he comes upon the body of a young woman. Finding her still alive he takes her home, she awakens and remembers nothing of who she is, where she has come from – or even her name. And who are these strange people? The gentleman Leonhard, the mysterious severe Doctor Charles and the Siamese sisters Gerania and Iphigenia.

We soon discover Elisa walks the border between life and death, but with her health slowly deteriorating, she might fight to stop her husband destroying everything she has ever known, and then there’s her feelings for Leonhard, but what can she do when he resides in one world, and she the other?

I absolutely LOVED this book. It definitely isn’t your traditional story, and I cannot wait to read the prequel Isis Sousa is working on. If you’re a fan of gothic fiction, purchase this now! It has all the wonderful traditions of the genre, the damsel in distress, the shadowy realm and beautiful haunting mansion – and of course the dastardly villain who attempts to ruin everything.

The story is told in a very sweeping, elegant way and is very reminiscent of classical Victorian Gothic novels. The story is very captivating it has something for everyone: mystery, intrigue, a touch of the supernatural as well as a beautiful romance aspect. The Night of Elisa is a very unusual book, and one of the things I really loved was the beautiful sketches that are littered throughout the novel. They are wonderful drawn and kept very simple, done in black and white and they very much fit the tone of the novel. Coupled with the gorgeous cover it really adds to that wonderful dark Gothic feel of the story.

I have seen several people mention Tim Burton in reference to The Night of Elisa, and I have to agree. It has a very Tim Burton-esque Corpse Bride feel to it, and being a fan of Burton myself, it really made me want to immerse myself in the story even more. I love the characters, they’re so well written and you start to feel really attached to them. I have so many favourites – the Siamese sisters, Elisa’s aunt Berenice and Marcel to name but a few. So if you’re looking for a lovely, fun, beautiful autumn read, Night of Elisa should definitely be on your list.

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