Book Review: Bleedovers – William Todd Rose

Release Date: 1st September 2015
Pages: 136 Pages
Publisher: Hydra
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Chuck and Control are back in this fantastic sequel to Crossfades!


There’s only one thing standing between humanity and the dark forces of the supernatural: the secret agency known as The Institute. The organization depends on regular guys like Chuck, a Level I Recon and Enforcement Technician who guides tormented spirits into the next life.

From an office deep underground, Chuck projects his spirit into Crossfades, monstrous realms where the souls of the dead, unable to move on due to fear or anger, devise macabre tortures for themselves and one another. He’s always been able to leave his work behind at the end of the day . . . until now.

First in dreams, then in waking nightmares, Crossfades are bleeding into the physical world. And now it’s up to Chuck—along with his partner, a woman named Control—to put a stop to it. Because there’s no telling what might come over from the other side.


Bleedovers is the sequel to the horror novella Crossfades. It’s a fantastically creepy story, and if you haven’t read it yet, you can read my review here.  Bleedovers follows the same characters from the previous book, so its interesting to see how they’ve progressed. Chuck is still working for The Institute, and saving lost souls. As with the previous book it has plenty of character depth, and even with the supernatural aspects, the characters are very realistic.

The thing I loved most about Crossfades was how scary and creepy it is, and you can definitely say the same thing about Bleedovers. Filled with some really fantastic scenes and frightening imagery, this is definitely a book to read with the lights on. William Todd Rose does a fantastic job of really sucking you in and making you feel like part of the moment. Rose’s writing flows really well and is excellently paced.

Probably the most haunting bit is the Crossfade which occurs in a school. For anyone who’s ever been in a school after dark when no one else is around, you’ll know how completely eerie it can be. William Todd Rose does  a fantastic job of bringing that imagery to life, and making you feel incredibly uncomfortable at the same time.

Although I really enjoyed Bleedovers, I definitely preferred Crossfades. Maybe it’s just because the ideas in the story were all new and strange, but there’s something about it that just has that extra oompf. If you’re looking for something a bit different and a bit eerie. I’d definitely recommend these books. They are both very short, just under 150 pages each, so you can read them pretty quickly. If you’re a fan of the likes of Joe Hill, you’ll absolutely love William Todd Rose.

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