Book Review: Suicide Squad Vol 1: Pure Insanity – Sean Ryan

23012550Series: New Suicide Squad – Volume 1
Pages: 176
Publisher: DC Comics
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The squad are back for an all new mission, but things never turn out quite how they’re planned.


Setting the world’s most dangerous super-criminals against the most insidious threats to national security: that’s the idea behind the elite black-ops unit officially designated as Task Force X. It’s perfect…on paper. But the real world rarely goes according to plan. Threats evolve. Teammates turn on each other. Blood and betrayals flow like rivers. And that’s why Task Force X is better known as the Suicide Squad.

Vic Sage aims to change the equation. Replacing Amanda Waller as the puppet-master of Suicide Squad’s motley crew, he’s introducing wild cards like Deathstroke and the Joker’s Daughter to whip the existing team-Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Black Manta-into shape. But the world’s deadliest assassin and the Clown Princess of Crime have ideas of their own…and no explosive implants to keep them in line.

Can this new Suicide Squad survive-or will it implode before it even begins?


This volume collects the first eight issues of the New Suicide Squad comic, and it’s an enjoyable exciting ride, full of action and explosions. It’s well drawn, fast paced and has plenty of characters that we know and love. Harley Quinn is fantastic as always, and the story features Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and many of the others from the famous suicide squad.

I recently read the new 52 suicide squad issues and one thing I particularly noticed was the focus on Joker’s Daughter. The back and forth between her and Harley Quinn make for some very engaging panels, but I found the actual character pretty insufferable. I also wasn’t a particularly big fan of the reverse-flash, who also featured in some of the missions.

I really loved the artwork for this volume, there’s quite a few panels that don’t feature any dialogue, simply focusing on the action. I thought it was fantastically laid out. There’s some really funny dialogue as well, and the issues managed to illicit a few laughs, usually around Harley Quinn’s mad behaviour.

Amanda Waller continues to be one of my favourite characters in the Suicide Squad series. She’s ruthless, stubborn and she gets the job done. I like the way she is portrayed in this version, even though Vic Sage steps in, she still does whatever she wants. If you’re a fan of explosions, high action and plenty of fighting. This is definitely the series to read. Although I didn’t enjoy this as much as the new 52 series, it is a series I’m going to continue to read, and with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, now might be the time to get reading about these fantastic characters.

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