Book Review: The Chosen of Anthros – Travis Simmons


Series:  The Harbingers of Light – Book Four (Click here to see my reviews of the other books in the series)
Pages: 147
Publisher: Wryding Ways Press
Release Date: September 5th 2015
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Things are really starting to heat up for Abigail and the gang.


The darklings come at night carrying their plague of shadows to the nine worlds. They corrupt all they touch and there’s no cure except burning in the sacred fires.

And Abagail Bauer has been infected with their baneful magic.

Finally rescued by the harbingers of light from the legion of darklings, Abagail thinks danger is behind her…she’s wrong.

As tensions mount between Abagail and her friend, Rorick, a darkness is building in the harbinger settlement of Haven. Darkness that could spell the end for the last bastion of good in the realms: a secret army of darklings determined to destroy the nine worlds.The last battle of gods and man is coming.


Travis Simmons’s The Harbinger’s of Light is killing me. Every time I get to the end of an instalment, I am desperate for the next one. By the time you get to book four in any series, you become incredibly invested in the characters. I definitely feel that way for Abigail, Leona and the other characters in The Chosen of Anthros. The story is dark, exciting, riveting and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store for the group.

Simmons  has an incredible way of blind siding you with a twist or a surprise you really don’t see coming. I’ve come to expect these twists in each book, and although I never guess what’s going to happen, he definitely delivers on the surprise front this time around. The Chosen of Anthros ends on such a big cliff hanger you’re going to be scrambling to get the next book in the series.

The story is well written and flows really well. There’s plenty of fabulous characters that are all really fascinating. I especially love Leona, Abi’s younger and very very determined little sister, Skye the mysterious twins Huginn and Muninn. If you’re looking for something with a great interesting mix of characters – humans, gods, darklings and elves are just a few – then this is definitely a series to read.

I love the Norse mythology that Simmons weaves into the story. It’s seamlessly added in and helps to create a world that is just so easy to delve into and spend hours reading about. This instalment contains plenty of action, mystery and intrigue, but also the beginning of a possible romance element which I really enjoyed. It brought a new level to the characters and makes me wish for the next instalment even more, because I’m desperate to know if it works out!

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