Book Review: Nothin’ But Trouble – Vivian Lane

Nothin' But Trouble (Echoes of Ossiria #1)

Release Date: 30th September 2014
Willowick Publishing
Series: Echoes of Ossiria Book One
Pages: 110.
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Kidnappings, finishing school and genies all feature in this fun story from Vivian Lane!

Catherine is an everyday college student, she goes to classes, works hard and looks after her grandmother. Then her life is turned upside down, she meets Tallis, a centuries old vampire, who kidnaps her – planning to make her his courtesan. She is drugged and flown halfway across the world the to a finishing school in England, where the mix of demons and vampires must teach Catherine everything she knows. With only six weeks before she is returned to Tallis, Catherine has to keep her wits about her in order to escape this nightmarish world she knew nothing about.

The premise for this book sounded really interested. I’ve always been fascinated with vampire stories and this felt like something different, fun and interesting, and it is. There is lots of action and some really funny/witty scenes between Catherine and William. I really liked the switching point of view between Catherine and William, especially when Lane shows the same moment from both characters perspectives. The characters are well put together, my favourite being the genie assistant/sex ed teacher. She’s very funny and I often enjoyed the chapters featuring her. William is also a great character, the witty English vampire reminds me of a Lestat kind of figure.

Now the book is a pretty short one and this was a bit of an issue for me. At only just over 100 pages I felt that some of the scenes were rushed through. There is definitely never a dull moment in the story, but I felt perhaps a bit more build up to some of the more dramatic moments would have been nice. I would also have loved some more background information – there are so many characters and different types of demon mentioned in such a short amount of pages, it would be lovely to know more about them.

There are also quite a lot of sex scenes in the story – definitely not for younger readers! – and this is particularly towards the end of the novel, whilst this is not a problem, I did miss the kick ass fun chapters from the earlier parts of the novel, compared with the latter ones.

There is a big cliffhanger at the end of the story and this really made me want to know more! It is set sometime in the future and this made me really desperate to find out what happens. I’m very much looking forward to reading the next instalment. Whilst this is not the most mind-blowing of stories it is fun, sweet and enjoyable – definitely worth a read if you enjoy vampire fiction!

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