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Here you can find a detail list of all the reviews posted here at The Bibliophile Chronicles. They are listed according to the author’s last name.


Half a King (Shattered Sea #1) – Joe Abercrombie
Half the World (Shattered Sea #2) – Joe Abercrombie
Crush – Eve Ainsworth
The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden
Summer Queen (Fairy Queens #2) – Amber Argyle
The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
The Memory Book – Lara Avery


Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) – Leigh Bardugo
Wonderwoman: Warbringer (DC Icons #1) – Leigh Bardugo
Show Stopper – Hayley Barker
The Gingerbread House – Kate Beaufoy
S.T.A.G.S – M. A. Bennett
The Final Correction (Condition #3) – Alec Birri
The Willows – Algernon Blackwood
Frostblood (Frostblood #1) – Elly Blake
Titan’s Boatman – Victoria Blake
Monstrous Brauty – Marie Brennan
The Mercury Travel Club – Helen Bridgett
Ink (Skin Books #1) – Alice Broadway
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Bronte
Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
The Fade Out Vol. 1 (The Fade Out #1) – Ed Brubaker
Here They Lie (The Bloodstone Legacy #1) – D. K. Burrow


Ward Against Death (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer #1) – Melanie Card
Spellslinger – Sebastien de Castell
Teeth (Teeth #1) – Chele Cooke
Ragdoll (Detective Fawkes #1) – Daniel Cole
Bound by Blood – Margo Bond Collins
Glamour of the God-Touched (Saga of the God-Touched Mage #1) – Ron Collins
Trail of the Torean (Saga of the God-Touched Mage #1) – Ron Collins
The Uncommon Life of Alfred Warner in Six Days – Juliet Conlin
What Alice Knew – T. A. Cotterell
Secrets of the Italian Gardener – Andrew Crofts
We All Begin As Strangers – Harriet Cummings


The Assassin (Mortal Beloved #1) – Pamela DuMond
Three Wishes – Debra Dunbar
The Companions – Sarah Dunnakey


Dog with a Bone (Black Dog #1) – Hailey Edwards
I Am Ella, Buy Me – Joan Ellis
Blackout – Marc Elsberg
The Roanoke Girls – Amy Engel


Puzzle Girl – Rachael Featherstone
Sleeper – J. D. Fennell
The Queen of Tomorrow (Stolen Empire #2) – Sherry D Ficklin

If I Stay (If I Stay #1) – Gayle Forman
This Is How It Always Is – Laure Estelle Frankel
Mailbox: A Scattershot Novel of Racing, Dares and Danger, Occasional Nakedness and Faith
The Anonymous Source – A. C. Fuller
The Evil of Oz – Ryan Fuller


Hansel and Gretel – Neil Gaiman
The Sleeper and the Spindle – Neil Gaiman
Caraval (Caraval #1) – Stephanie Garber
The Fading Dusk (Smoke and Mirrors #1) – Melissa Giorgio
Earth’s Requiem (Earth Reclaimed #1) – Anne Gimpel
Winning Glory (GenTech Rebellion #1) – Anne Gimpel
World of Ash (Ash and Ruin #1) – Shauna Granger
The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
Pandemonium – Daryl Gregory
The Special Girls – Isabelle Grey
Block 46 – Johanna Gustawsson  


High Witch (High Witch #1) – Mona Hanna
Witch Emerging (High Witch #2) – Mona Hanna
Tess of the D’Ubervilles – Thomas Hardy
The Gospel of Loki – Joanne M. Harris
Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty – Christine Heppermann
Charlie, Presumed Dead – Ann Hetzel
The End We Start From – Megan Hunter
Duskfall (Chaos Queen #1) – Christopher Husberg
Dark Immolation (Chaos Queen #2) – Christopher Husberg


Turn of the Screw – Henry James
The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James
Sleepers (Swarm #1) – Megg Jensen
A Court of Lions – Jane Johnson
A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnston
Monochrome – H. M. Jones
Our Tiny Useless Hearts – Toni Jordan


The Dancing Girl and the Turtle – Karen Kao
Killian (Avalon Series #1) – Elizabeth Kelly
The Second Sister – Clare Kendal
Branded (Sinners #1) – Abi Ketner
One, Two, Three, Kiss – Emily Kimelman
The Lady Astronaut of Mars – Mary Robinette Kowal


Nothin’ But Trouble – Vivian Lane
Done Dirt Cheap – Sarah Nicole Lemon
Dream of Me (Dream Makers #1) – Quinn Loftis
Through Fire & Sea (Otherselves #1) – Nicole Luiken
Prisoner of Ice and Snow  (Prisoner of Ice and Snow #1) – Ruth Lauren


Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) – Sarah J Maas
Being Simon Haines – Tom Vaughan MacAulay
House of Spines – Michael J. Malone
Dare to Fall – Estelle Markame
The One – John Marrs
The Ice Dragon – George R. R. Martin
From Syria With Love – Molly Masters
I Am Legend – Richard Matheson
An Act of Silence – Colette McBeth
Blackwing – Ed McDonald
A History of Running Away – Paula McGrath
The Red Beach Hut – Lynn Michell
Because I Was Lonely – Hayley Mitchell
Ashes (The Divided Kingdom #1) – Sophie H. Morgan


A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness
The Ark (The Ark Trilogy #1) – Laura Liddell Nolan
Remix – Non Pratt


A Gathering of Ravens – Scott Oden


Synthetica (Synthetica #1) – Rachel Pattinson
Such a Secret Place (Stolen Tears #1) – Courtney Pearson
Yes Please – Amy Poehler
Those Above (The Empty Throne #1) – Daniel Polansky
Grief Is the Thing with Feathers – Max Porter
Poison (Tales from the Kingdom #1) – Sarah Pinborough
The Language of Dying – Sarah Pinborough
Geekerella – Ashley Poston
The Jungle – Pooja Puri


First Love – Gwendoline Riley
Crossfades – William Todd Rose

Bleedovers – William Todd Rose
Divergent (Divergent #1) – Veronica Roth
Let Me Die In His Footsteps – Lori Roy
Spook Lights – Eden Royce
New Suicide Squad: Pure Insanity (New Suicide Squad Vol 1) – Sean Ryan


The Sleeping Prince (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #2) – Melinda Salisbury
The Scarcrow Queen (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #3) – Melinda Salisbury
The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Mary’s The Name – Ross Sayers
The Oracle – Michael H Sedge
Ignite the Shadows  – Ingrid Seymour
See What I Have Done – Sarah Schmidt
The Blue Effect – Rose Shababy
A Plague of Shadows (Harbingers of Light #1) – Travis Simmons
The Darkling Tide (Harbingers of Light #2) – Travis Simmons
A Lament of Moonlight (Harbingers of Light #3) – Travis Simmons
The Chosen of Anthros (Harbingers of Light #4) – Travis Simmons
Darkhaven (Darkhaven #1) – A. F. E. Smith
Follow Me Down – Sherri Smith
The Things We Thought We Knew – Mahsuda Snaith
The Hypnotist – Gordon Snider
Poison Study (Study #1) – Maria V. Snyder
Magic Study (Study #2) – Maria V. Snyder
Fire Study (Study #3) – Maria V. Snyder
Night Study (Soulfinders #2) – Maria V. Snyder
Dawn Study (Soulfinders #3) – Maria V. Snyder
The Night of Elisa – Isis Sousa
Wish For Me (The Djinn Order #1) – A. Star
A Necklace of Souls (Soul Necklace Stories #1) – R. L. Stedman
Godblind – Anna Stephens
Sugar – Kimberly Stuart
Incendium – A. D. Swanston


The Designed (The Designed #1) – Kate Tailor
Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) – Laini Taylor
Dragon’s Green – Scarlett Thomas
Firelines – Cara Thurlbourn


The Witchfinder’s Daughter – Beth Underdown


The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland #1) – Catherynne M. Valente
Never Sleep – Cady Vance
Steel – Carrie Vaughn


The Visitor – Christopher Chase Walker
Not the Only Sky – Alyssa Warren
Affinity – Sarah Waters
Lust (Lust, Money and Murder #1) – Mike Wells
The Wages of Sin – Kaite Welsh
A Dead Place Calls – John White
The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
Clusters: Case of the Missing – T. M. Williams
Orlando – Virginia Woolf
Fire Baptized (Santeria Habitat #1) – Kenya Wright
Silent Orchids (The Age of Alandria #1) – Morgan Wylie
A Gift of Ghosts (Tassmara #1) – Sarah Wynde


Delilah Dusticle (Delilah Dusticle #1) – A. J. York
Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvanian Adventure (Delilah Dusticle #2) – A. J. York
Eliza Bluebell – A. J. York

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