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Blog Tour: A Blade So Black – L. L. McKinney
Blog Tour: Sleeper: The Red Storm – J. D. Fennell

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Jan Fortune – What Anchors Our Characters?
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Waiting on Wednesdays

Waiting on Wednesday #1 – Muse of Nightmares
Waiting on Wednesday #2 – Girls of Paper and Fire
Waiting on Wednesday #3 – A Curse So Dark and Lonely
Waiting on Wednesday #4 – King of Scars
Waiting on Wednesday #5 – Priory of the Orange Tree
Waiting on Wednesday #6 – Fire and Blood
Waiting on Wednesday #7 – Holy Sister
Waiting on Wednesday #8 – The Wicked King
Waiting on Wednesday #9 – Evermore
Waiting on Wednesday #10 – State of Sorrow
Waiting on Wednesday #11 – All the Wandering Light
Waiting on Wednesday #12 – Wicked Saints 
Waiting on Wednesday #13 – King of Fools
Waiting on Wednesday #14 – The Poison Song
Waiting on Wednesday #15 – Tunnel of Bones
Waiting on Wednesday #16 – Bloodchild
Waiting on Wednesday # – Crowfall
Waiting on Wednesday # – We Hunt the Flame
Waiting on Wednesday # – The Deathless Girls
Waiting on Wednesday # – Queen of Nothing

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