About Me

14462803_10154311553583859_1721862669678045200_nHello and welcome to The Bibliophile Chronicles! I’m Nicole, I’m twenty seven years old and I live in Scotland with my boyfriend and two cats – Arya & Astrid. I love books and thought becoming a book blogger would be an excellent way to shout about the titles I love so much. I’m always happy to get involved with events and blog tours so feel free to send me an email as I’m more than happy to participate.

41641369_276602952954256_6961090857994813440_nI’m an all round geek and love movies, comic books and xbox games. I’m a massive ice hockey fan and spend a large portion of my time going to see the Glasgow Clan. I also love travelling, exploring new places and going to comic con.

41619223_1193142620838269_5493816363371724800_nMy favourite genre is fantasy and my favourite authors are George R. R. Martin, Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Leigh Bardugo, Melinda Salisbury, Anna Stephens and Katherine Arden. I’m always happy to get new recommendations so if you think of something I might like, definitely let me know what it is!

I’m always available on Twitter at @NicoleSweeney_ or  Instagram at @thebibliophilechronicles. Alternatively you can send me an email at thebibliophilechronicles@outlook.com