Book Review: Through the Woods – Emily Carroll

Book Review: Through the Woods – Emily Carroll

Release Date:
7th May 2015
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Pages: 208
Find it on: Goodreads. BookDepository. Waterstones
Source: I found a copy in a second hand bookshop.


It came from the woods. Most strange things do.’
Five mysterious, spine-tingling stories follow journeys into (and out of?) the eerie abyss.

These chilling tales spring from the macabre imagination of acclaimed and award-winning comic creator Emily Carroll.

Come take a walk in the woods and see what awaits you there…


This was a book that caught my eye in a second hand bookshop. Being only 50p I snapped it up and read it as soon as I got home. Dark, eerie and magical, I absolutely loved this book. I read it in one sitting and I’ve already had a friend steal it off me.

book cover (27)Through the woods features five different stories told in graphic novel form. The art is haunting and beautiful. The stories are told in a fairy tale style, but with a much darker and chilling twist. I really liked this section:

“Oh, but you must travel through those woods again and again… said a shadow at the window… and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time…

But the wolf… the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once.”

The book is a pretty quick read, and it’s the kind of thing you can find yourself absorbed in for a few hours. I loved the black and vivid reds of the artwork. In some parts it was quite grotesque and kind of reminded me of The Wytches. I thought each story was well written and developed and overall I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful set of tales.
5 stars

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