Book Review: Black Sugar – Miguel Bonnefoy

Book Review: Black Sugar – Miguel Bonnefoy

BOOK REVIEW (75).pngRelease Date: March 13th 2018
Publisher: Gallic Books
Pages: 112
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Source: The publisher sent me a copy of this book to review


On the edge of the Latin American rainforest, the Oteros family farm sugar cane in their remote corner of the earth. Cut off entirely from the modern world, life is peaceful, uneventful. Until, that is, a succession of ships arrive in search of Henry Morgan’s legendary lost treasure, said to be buried deep beneath the forest floor.

Soon, the isolated villagers are exposed to all the trappings of modernity, while the travellers’ search for booty unearths more than anybody could have anticipated…

And so it was that the treasure lay buried amid scraps of sail and a pirate’s corpse, preserved within the belly of the Caribbean…


This short little book is full to the brim with pirates, treasure and family. It’s a beautiful book that focuses on the effect that the lost treasure of Henry Morgan has on the generations of a family. The story is well paced and enticing, drawing you in and painting a vivid picture of explosions, gold and rum.

book cover (68)I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this book. The story sounded fascinating and I must admit I was partly intrigued by that lovely cover, but the story within is so much more complex and layered that I imagined. So much happens in such a little book, but the writing is exquisite and really brings to life this fascinating period in history.

The characters were equally fascinating and well developed. It’s hard to imagination that there would be much character depth in such a short book, but it’s fascinating watching Serena grow from a young girl to someone who is much larger than life. She was by far my favourite character in the book, and while not necessarily likeable I thought she was an interesting and well rounded character.

Black Sugar was completely different to what I thought it was going to be like, but I enjoyed it immensely. Full of family life, ambition and desperation the story is complex and beautifully told. I highly recommend this lovely book, you’ll be completely immersed in the story and it stays with you long after you’re finished reading.
3 stars

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