Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

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Six for Sunday is a weekly post from Steph at A Little But A Lot. Each week features a different prompt and this week is bookish hates, so let’s dive in!

1. Insta-love

My number one pet peeve in books is insta-love. I’m not a big fan of romance books and those that have characters falling in love over a few chapters or over like a week really bug me – it really jars me out of the story and it tends to bother me for the rest of the book.

2. Series that don’t keep the same cover design

I really hate when publishers change the cover design mid series. I’m a big fan of long fantasy series so to have the next instalment have a completely different design really bothers me. It’s even worse if they’re a different sized book too (I have one Victoria Aveyard book that is bigger than the rest of the series and it bugs me to no end).

3. Dog earring books

I know this will divide some people but I really hate when people fold down the pages of the book. I don’t mind if the book looks read and worn or whatever – it doesn’t have to be pristine or anything but I do hate dog earring books and writing in them as well!

4. Cliff hangers

This is a kind of love/hate relationship. If a book has a major cliff hanger it obviously makes me really interested to read the next one but it often means I need to wait a long time for the next book to be released and I hate that feeling of being desperate to know what’s going to happen (I’m looking at you The Wicked King).

5. Waiting so long between books

This goes back to the long fantasy epics I mentioned earlier. I love long series that follow the same characters for multiple books but that often means waiting years for the next instalment – George R. R. Martin is my favourite author and I’m trying so hard to wait patiently for The Winds of Winter. Likewise Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Lynch have taken long breaks between instalments and I know there must be a reason for it but I do really hate waiting.

6. Characters with no back story

I love books where you really get to know characters and you can delve into their back story and watch them grow and develop, so when a character doesn’t really have a back story it kind of bugs me. This annoys me the most in villains who are evil for absolutely no reason – if there’s no motivation I tend to struggle to enjoy the story.

So those are my six bookish hates! What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Bookish Hates

  1. I completely agree with the cover changes one- especially if they switch to a set of covers I don’t like! I at least want my whole series to match, but I can’t bring myself to buy multiple copies of the same book (even if it is one of my favourites)
    Oh but true, it is so much worse when books in a series are different sizes!!!

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