Book Review: The Fandom Rising – Anna Day

Book Review: The Fandom Rising – Anna Day

BOOK REVIEW - 2019-05-05T100503.166.pngSeries: The Fandom #2
Release Date: May 2nd 2019
Publisher: Chicken House Books
Pages: 278
Find it on: Goodreads. BookDepository. Waterstones.
Source: The publisher kindly sent me a copy of this book to review
Rating: 4/5 stars


Nate’s time is running out. Violet and Katie re-enter The Gallows Dance to rescue him, but when a rogue fanfiction writer emerges online – determined to put the dys back into dystopia – Alice is the only one with the power to save the story …


42768840A few years ago at YALC I was lucky enough to get an ARC of The Fandom and I devoured it. I loved the idea of a group of friends who ended up being transported into the world of their favourite fandom and of course finding out that when they get there it’s even more dangerous than they thought. When I started The Fandom Rising I was so intrigued because I had no idea where the plot was going to go – the first book had reached a satisfying ending and the blurb for The Fandom Rising was very mysterious and vague.

After a few short chapters I was again completely hooked. I really love the characters and it was so fun returning to see how things have changed for them since the events in the first book. It was interesting to see how the dynamics have changed as a result of that’s happened to them, but overall I loved the female friendships and the determination to help Nate.

It was a really exciting, fast paced read. This time around not all the characters are transported into The Gallows Dance and I really enjoyed the two different story ARCS – one with characters trying to survive the deadly dystopian world and the other to get her friends out. A mystery/thriller element was included too as someone begins threatening Alice and I was definitely racing through the pages to find out who was behind it.

The Fandom and The Fandom Rising are a really exciting and enjoyable duology. There were a few shock moments that I definitely didn’t expect and I almost wish there was a third book to keep the story going. If you love being part of a fandom or going to comic con, this is definitely a must read. If you’ve already had a chance to read the first book – I’d highly recommend this sequel.
4 stars

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