Six For Sunday: Favourite Characters

Six For Sunday: Favourite Characters

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This week on Six For Sunday we’re talking about favourite characters – so lets dive in!

Copy of book cover - 2020-04-26T175147.2731. The Darkling (Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo)
One of my favourite characters has to be the darkling from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. I think he’s such a brilliant villain and such an interesting character, I would love to have a prequel book about his life before the events of Shadow and Bone – I’m also super excited to see how Ben Barnes plays him in the new Netflix adaptation!

Copy of book cover - 2020-04-26T175236.1092. Jude Duarte (The Cruel Prince – Holly Black)
Jude is such a kick-ass character in Holly Black’s Folk of the Air. She’s scheming and determined and she doesn’t shy away from difficult choices. I loved seeing her character grow through the three books and she has definitely become one of my favourite characters. I must admit though it was tough to decide between her and Cardan, they’re both brilliant.

Copy of book cover (23)3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter – J K Rowling)
Growing up I pretty much wanted to be Hermione Granger. I’m pretty sure I might have went as her for Halloween on more than one occasion. Clever and brave, she’s one of the best characters in the Harry Potter books and I think she deserves a lot more credit for all the times she stopped Harry and Ron from getting into even bigger disasters.

Copy of book cover (24)4. Mia Corvere (Nevernight – Jay Kristoff)
Going into Nevernight I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I really didn’t expect to discover a new favourite series. A bit like Jude, Mia Corvere is another kick-ass character that I just absolutely love. She’s such a strong character, completely set on her vengeance against those who hurt her family. I loved her in the Nevernight books, even if they completely broke my heart in the end.

Copy of book cover (13)5. Levi Glasayer (Ace of Shades – Amanda Foody)
I finished reading King of Fools last month and I’m still thinking about it, so obviously Levi had to go on this list. I love the way he schemes and charms his way out of every situation. I love the world Foody has created in The Shadow Game series and seeing Levi carry out his plots and schemes has led to these books becoming some of my favourites.

Copy of book cover - 2020-04-26T175247.2616. Cersei Lannister (A Game of Thrones – George R R Martin)
Cersei Lannister is one of my favourite characters in both the books and the television adaptation. She’s fierce, unapologetic and just the best character. She protects her family at any costs and I think she’s just one of the most fascinating characters. To be honest it was hard to pick just one from the ASOIAF series, but Cersei has to be my favourite.

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