Book Review: Dispel Illusion – Mark Lawrence

Book Review: Dispel Illusion – Mark Lawrence

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Impossible Times (See reviews for One Word Kill & Limited Wish)
Release Date: November 14th 2019
Publisher: 47 North
Pages: 234
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Source: I bought a copy of this from Book Depository
Rating: 5/5 stars


Sometimes being wrong is the right answer.

Nick Hayes’s genius is in wringing out the universe’s secrets. It’s a talent that’s allowed him to carve paths through time. But the worst part is that he knows how his story will end. He’s seen it with his own eyes. And every year that passes, every breakthrough he makes, brings him a step closer. Mia’s accident is waiting for them both in 2011. If it happens then he’s out of choices.

Then a chance 1992 discovery reveals that this seeker of truth has been lying to himself. But why? It’s a question that haunts him for years. A straw he clings to as his long-awaited fate draws near.

Time travel turns out not to be the biggest problem Nick has to work on. He needs to find out how he can stay on his path but change the destination. Failure has never been an option, and neither has survival. But Nick’s hoping to roll the dice one more time. And this new truth begins with a lie.


Copy of book cover - 2020-04-16T162339.436Dispel Illusion is the third and final book in Mark Lawrence’s Impossible Times trilogy. In this stunning conclusion Lawrence drops us straight back into the action – and this time the stakes are even higher. As each year passes, Nick knows how things are going to end for him. If Mia’s accident occurs in 2011 he will have to return to the past – but that might not be his biggest problem.

I honestly loved this book. It’s a clever tale that’s incredibly well executed. The story comes full circle as Nick discovers time travel and does everything he can to save Mia. For such a small book there is a lot going on in this action packed tale and I ended up staying up way past my bedtime because I just had to keep reading. I won’t say too much more about the plot because it’s the third in a series but Dispel Illusion is intense, gripping and difficult to put down.

In Dispel Illusion we continue to follow the same characters as One Word Kill and Dispel Illusion. The reader grows quite attached to Nick and the gang over the course of the three books and it’s fascinating seeing how their lives turn out after school and University. They are a fun cast of characters and I loved seeing them still playing Dungeons and Dragons all those years later. The story contains quite a few time jumps allowing us the chance to see how things have changed for the gang throughout their lives.

The Impossible Times trilogy is a brilliant read, full of mind boggling time travel and action packed drama. It’s also a story about friendship and I’m sad to be saying goodbye to such a wonderful cast of characters. Lawrence brings the story to a perfect conclusion and solidifies this series as one of my favourites. I adored every book in this series, and can’t recommend it highly enough.
5 Stars

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