Book Review: Coldmaker – Daniel A. Cohen

Book Review: Coldmaker – Daniel A. Cohen

The Coldmaker Saga #1
Release Date: November 2nd 2017
Publisher: HarperVoyager
Pages: 337
Find it on: Goodreads. BookDepository. Waterstones.
Source: I listened to this on Scribd.
Rating: 3/5 stars


Eight hundred years ago, the Jadans angered the Crier. In punishment, the Crier took their Cold away, condemning them to a life of enslavement in a world bathed in heat.

Or so the tale goes.

During the day, as the Sun blazes over his head, Micah leads the life of any Jadan slave, running errands through the city of Paphos at the mercy of the petty Nobles and ruthless taskmasters.

But after the evening bells have tolled and all other Jadans sleep, Micah escapes into the night in search of scraps and broken objects, which once back inside his barracks he tinkers into treasures.

However, when a mysterious masked Jadan publicly threatens Noble authority, a wave of rebellion ripples through the city.

With Paphos plunged into turmoil, Micah’s secret is at risk of being exposed. And another, which has been waiting hundreds of years to be found, is also on the verge of discovery…

The secret of Cold.


Daniel A. Cohen’s Coldmaker is an intriguing story set in the city of Paphos – a place where the sun burns bright and Cold is the most valuable commodity. Micah, a Jadan slave, is forced to run errands all over the city, enduring beatings and criticisms from the nobles and taskmasters. As Micah spends his nights sneaking out in search of bits and pieces to tinker with, he encounters much more than he expects. When rebellion begins sweeping through the Jadan barracks, Paphos is soon rife with tension. Will Micah be able to survive the rebellion and discover the secrets of the Cold?

Coldmaker has a really intriguing premise and I was fascinated by the world and the idea of cold being the most valuable thing in the city. The story was engaging and I enjoyed learning more about the world and the power structure in place. Micah is an interesting protagonist – he’s a very likable character who wants to help make the lives of his fellow Jadans easier. Whilst I really liked Micah I didn’t really connect with any of the secondary characters and I wasn’t the biggest fan of Shilah who I found a bit on the irritating side.

Coldmaker is an enjoyable read, one that ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I’m intrigued to see where the series will go from here. If you’re a fan of dystopian YA books like The Hunger Games this will be a book you absolutely fall in love with.

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