2020 Reading Resolutions Check In!

2020 Reading Resolutions Check In!

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Now that we’re over half way through the year I thought it would be fun to take a look at my 2020 reading resolutions post and do a quick check in to see if I am meeting my goals for the year and if not, which ones I want to work on for the rest of the year – so lets dive in!

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1. Read 120 books

My original aim was to read 120 books in 2020 with the hope that I would read maybe a few over because last year I managed 141. With the pandemic I have read a lot more than I would normally read and I’ve since increased my Goodreads goal to 150 books. I’m well on target for that and hoping I might even exceed that goal!

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2. Read more backlist books
So far of the 85 books I’ve read 34 have been backlist titles. I would have liked this to be a bit higher but I’m still pleased that I’ve managed to read a fair few. I’m going to put myself on a bit of a book buying ban for the rest of the year and only buy books I’m really after in the hopes I can prioritise some more backlist books.

3. Catalogue and reduce my tbr
One of my projects for lockdown ended up being cataloguing my entire library and I finally know how many books on my shelf are unread (lots). I’ve made a list and am working to reduce my TBR but honestly it’s not going well because I keep buying books.

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4. Improve my Netgalley ratio
When I made my original reading resolutions post my Netgalley ratio was at 46%. I’ve been trying to read more of my Netgalley books and at one point my ratio was at nearly 60%, however I have recently been on a bit of a requesting spree and it’s currently on 51%. I’m still working on this and hoping it will be a bit higher by the end of year. (I don’t understand why I send feedback but it doesn’t go up. Why Netgalley why?)

5. Revamp my blog and post more frequently
I did a blog revamp a while back and I’m really happy with the way things look. I might do another refresh towards the end of the year depending on where my mood takes me. I’ve been pretty consistent at posting in 2020 with me reaching my goal of posting a few times every week and often more than that.

6. A pound a book
This challenge failed spectacularly. I started this in January and it fell away really quickly. Especially during lockdown I bought so many books and I haven’t been putting a pound in a jar for any on the ones I read. I still think it’s a really brilliant idea and maybe it’s something I can try for 2021!

So that’s my check in for my 2020 reading resolutions. How are you fairing with your 2020 bookish goals?


8 thoughts on “2020 Reading Resolutions Check In!

  1. I set out reading goals at the beginning of the year and the uhh sorta never looked at them. Except for the goodreads goal which I’ve thoroughly confused with novellas and shorter fiction. You post has motivated me to do a similar check in

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  2. Congrats on reading SO many books this year! I really hope you’re going to achieve your goals before the end of the year. These check-ins posts are so great! My only bookish goals for this year is to post at least once a week on my blog and so far it is going okay. I’ve missed a few weeks since I started posting again but it’s pretty much under control.

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    1. Thank you!! Me too, i’ll be happy if I manage to get a few of them done at least. That’s great! I’m pretty terrible at posting consistently, something I’m hoping to get better at!


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