2021 Reading Resolutions!

2021 Reading Resolutions!

2020 was a really great month and I read some really fabulous books! I really enjoyed setting myself some goals at the start of 2020 (although I didn’t hit all those goals, you can see how I got on here!) I thought it would be fun to make new goals for 2021!

1. Read 120 books
I managed to read 152 books last year and that was the most I’ve ever read in a year. I think this was pretty much due to the pandemic so I’m sticking with 120 books and if I manage to hit around 150 books again that’s great, but I’m not pressuring myself to get there.

2. Read more of my owned TBR
I own a lot of books I haven’t read yet. I’m not sure of the exact number but if it hasn’t hit 1000 books it’s nearing it. I have had a bit of an unhaul and I will continue to do that in 2021 but I’m going to try and buy less books and read the ones that have been sitting on my shelf for the longest time.

3. Improve my Netgalley Ratio
This is back from last year because sadly I only managed to improve my ratio by 8% in 2020. I’m going to work hard on getting this near to that magical 80% and fingers crossed there will be a bigger improve by the time I get round to doing the results.

4. Read more big fantasy books
There are so many of this big fantasy series on my TBR, books like The Stormlight Archives, The Farseer Trilogy and The Kingkiller Chronicles that have been on my shelves for a long time and I’m always really excited about reading them. I’d love to make these more of a priority in 2021.

5. Read more books by favourite authors
Like I’ve said previously I buy a lot of books so I often find books by my favourite authors end up further down the pile and I don’t get to them – I still haven’t read Vengeful by V. E. Schwab or King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo. I’d love to make it a goal to read more of those unread titles from my favourite authors.

6. Make monthly TBRs and prioritise ARCS first
I am pretty bad for drifting away from TBRs to read whatever I fancy so I’m making it a goal this year to make monthly TBRs and read the review copies first before I dive into anything else. Hopefully this will make sure they’re reviewed on time!

7. Read 50 pages a day
I’ve started using a reading tracker on Instagram and I find generally I read lots at the weekend and very little or somethings nothing during the week. I’m hoping by tracking my page count I can push myself to read 50 pages per day. I’ve been loving this so far and have been exceeding that every day which is great!

So those are my bookish resolutions for 2021! If you’re planning to set any goals I’d love to know what they are! 

2020 Reading Resolutions: Results!

2020 Reading Resolutions: Results!

I made a post of all of my bookish goals for 2020 at the start of 2020 and it was a really fun way of helping me try and keep on track with my reading. I thought it would be fun to do a little check in post and see how many of those goals I reached.

1. Read 120 books

When I picked this goal I thought if I could read ten books a month this would be pretty manageable. Of course we had the pandemic in 2020 so I was in the house a whole lot more, the things that normally take away from my reading time – visiting my family, gigs and hockey season – didn’t really happen so I smashed the target of 120 and made it to 152 books read in 2020.

2. Read more backlist books
I have always struggled with this one because I get so excited about new releases but I did manage to read 42 backlist titles that I had already owned. This is probably going to be a goal again in 2021 so that I can attempt to get my TBR down a bit!

3. Catalogue and reduce my TBR
I did manage to catalogue my TBR during the summer months and it was a bit of a shock to the system when I saw I had eight hundred unread books. I’ve since had two pretty large unhauls to bring the number down a bit and I’m working on buying less books in 2021.

4. Improve my Netgalley ratio
I TRIED SO HARD. When I wrote the original post my ratio was sitting at 46%. At one point during the summer my ratio was almost at 60% but it has slipped again because I’ve requested things. I’m currently sitting at 53%, which is an improvement on my score in January 2020 but I was hoping it would be at least in the 60s. Another goal I will probably return to this year.

5. Revamp my blog and post more frequently
The Bibliophile Chronicles did get a revamp and I’m really pleased with the results. I might do a similar update later on in 2021. I was posting very frequently during the pandemic but since returning to work over the past few months I’ve been really busy and not posting as frequently. Hoping to pick this up in January!

6. A pound a book
This absolutely did not happen. I spent a small fortune on books in 2020 and honestly I’m not even sorry.

So those are the results of my 2020 reading resolutions! If you made resolutions for 2020 I’d love to know if you hit your targets!

2020 Reading Resolutions Check In!

2020 Reading Resolutions Check In!

Header (41)
Now that we’re over half way through the year I thought it would be fun to take a look at my 2020 reading resolutions post and do a quick check in to see if I am meeting my goals for the year and if not, which ones I want to work on for the rest of the year – so lets dive in!

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 19.51.10
1. Read 120 books

My original aim was to read 120 books in 2020 with the hope that I would read maybe a few over because last year I managed 141. With the pandemic I have read a lot more than I would normally read and I’ve since increased my Goodreads goal to 150 books. I’m well on target for that and hoping I might even exceed that goal!

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 19.54.05
2. Read more backlist books
So far of the 85 books I’ve read 34 have been backlist titles. I would have liked this to be a bit higher but I’m still pleased that I’ve managed to read a fair few. I’m going to put myself on a bit of a book buying ban for the rest of the year and only buy books I’m really after in the hopes I can prioritise some more backlist books.

3. Catalogue and reduce my tbr
One of my projects for lockdown ended up being cataloguing my entire library and I finally know how many books on my shelf are unread (lots). I’ve made a list and am working to reduce my TBR but honestly it’s not going well because I keep buying books.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 19.56.19
4. Improve my Netgalley ratio
When I made my original reading resolutions post my Netgalley ratio was at 46%. I’ve been trying to read more of my Netgalley books and at one point my ratio was at nearly 60%, however I have recently been on a bit of a requesting spree and it’s currently on 51%. I’m still working on this and hoping it will be a bit higher by the end of year. (I don’t understand why I send feedback but it doesn’t go up. Why Netgalley why?)

5. Revamp my blog and post more frequently
I did a blog revamp a while back and I’m really happy with the way things look. I might do another refresh towards the end of the year depending on where my mood takes me. I’ve been pretty consistent at posting in 2020 with me reaching my goal of posting a few times every week and often more than that.

6. A pound a book
This challenge failed spectacularly. I started this in January and it fell away really quickly. Especially during lockdown I bought so many books and I haven’t been putting a pound in a jar for any on the ones I read. I still think it’s a really brilliant idea and maybe it’s something I can try for 2021!

So that’s my check in for my 2020 reading resolutions. How are you fairing with your 2020 bookish goals?


2020 Reading Resolutions!

2020 Reading Resolutions!

BOOK REVIEW - 2020-01-07T220004.876.png
I did a post rounding up the resolutions I put in place for last year and thought it might be fun to do it again this year. I didn’t manage to complete all my resolutions last year but I’m hopeful 2020 will be better!

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 21.48.57
1. Read 120 books

In 2018 I managed 142 books so I thought for 2019 I would up it to 150 – I ended up only reading 108, a new job and less commuting time meant I wasn’t getting as much reading time each day. I’m setting my Goodreads Challenge at 120 which I’m hoping is doable and maybe I’ll even manage to read a few more than that.

2. Read more backlist books
Being a book blogger it often feels like you are always focused on the new and upcoming releases and my current TBR is massive so I would really love to read more of my backlist titles and get to some of those titles I just haven’t gotten around to yet. I’d love to really focus on finishing some series that I’ve started and just haven’t finished yet.

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 21.52.42
3. Catalogue and reduce my TBR

This was partly a resolution for last year but I would love to have a spreadsheet tracking all the books I currently own and work out how many I have that are unread and reduce that number by the end of the year. I know it will be in the hundreds so I would love to maybe bring in a few less books this year and really knock that number down. I’m midway though cataloguing at the moment, so completing the first part is definitely achievable!

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 22.23.06
4. Improve my Netgalley Ratio

I think I’m always going to struggle with getting my Netgalley ratio higher – it’s currently sitting at 46% and I have three reviews to submit for books I’ve read. I would love to end 2020 with it at least about 60%, if not at that sought after 80%.

5. Revamp my blog and post more frequently
This isn’t so much a reading as blogging resolution but I would love to give my blog a spring clean, maybe create some new logos and work on making sure to post at least a few times every week as I often find if things get hectic my amount of posts drop and I’m determined that won’t happen this year. I would also love to get better at posting more frequently on Instagram too.

6. A pound a book
I saw a few people talking about this on Twitter but I’m thinking of having a money jar and putting £1 in every time I read a book and this would be money put aside to buy new titles, instead of me buying books whenever, I could only get a book when I had enough in the jar. I’d love to stick to this but I know it probably won’t happen. I might even let the money accumulate and then go on a shopping spree in December!

So those are my 2020 reading resolutions. If you’ve set any resolutions I’d love to know what they are and if you have tips for achieving any of these I’d love to know that too!

2019 Reading Resolutions: Results

2019 Reading Resolutions: Results

BOOK REVIEW - 2020-01-02T222955.436
Last year I made a post with some resolutions for my reading in 2019. I thought it would be fun to do a little follow up post just to see if I managed to reach my goals (spoiler: I did not) – so let’s dive in!

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 22.25.23
Resolution #1: Read 150 Books

My original Goodreads goal for 2019 was to read 150 books. I read 142 in 2018 and thought this was a pretty reasonable goal. Near the end of the year I had to lower it to 100 books and I ended up reading a total of 108. I started a new job and started driving to work rather than getting the train so I ended up reading less. I’m still pleased with reading 108 and hope I can read even more in 2020.

Resolution #2: Catalogue my TBR and make it smaller
So this is a sort of completed goal. I have begun the process of cataloguing my TBR. I find it quite painstaking to sit and collate everything but I’ve done two bookcases and I’m working on the others. I’ve gotten a lot better at unhauling and it has made a massive difference to both my TBR and the amount of books in my house. I’m definitely hoping to continue this into the new year and get rid of the books I won’t read again or am no longer interested in.

Resolution #3: Get better at scheduling posts
I mentioned this already but I started a new job in 2019, a complete change of job that I found quite hectic and it meant I didn’t have as much spare time for blogging and reading. It has meant my scheduling has gotten better, but I’ve been posting less frequently. Hoping to be a bit more consistent in 2020!

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 22.23.06
Resolution #4: Improve my Netgalley score

I think this is going to be my eternal struggle. When I did the original post my score was sitting at 40%. For a while I was doing really well and it was increasing but it has once again fallen by the wayside and I am sitting at 46%. This is definitely one I’m really going to try and work on this year.

Resolution #5: Read outside my comfort zone
I think I’ve done quite well at reading outside my comfort zone last year. My predominant reads were still fantasy and science fiction but I also read quite a few crime novels as well as some historical and literary fiction. I would like to try and incorporate more non-fiction, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

Resolution #6: Participate in more readathons
This was definitely a success for me. I find readathons really help me to challenge myself, participate in something fun and also read things I might not consider picking up. I participated in tons of readathons last year and I definitely want to continue that this year as well.

So those are the results of my 2019 reading resolutions! A pretty mixed bag, but I’m hoping I can improve this year. How did you fare with your reading resolutions? Let me know below!

2019 Reading Resolutions!

2019 Reading Resolutions!

BOOK REVIEW (88).png
Hi everyone! I’m back today with some goals and resolutions for 2019. I hadn’t planned to make a post about this but I thought it would be fun to write it and look back on it at the end of the year and see if I managed to complete the goals. So let’s dive in!

screenshot 2019-01-19 at 16.44.48

1. Read 150 books

I know a lot of people don’t like to set a high Goodreads goal because it puts too much pressure on them but I personally find it quite helpful to keep my reading on track. In 2016 my goal was 60 and I read 65, 2017 I upped it to 75 and read 88 and last year I set it at 100 and then upped it to 140. I ended on 142 so I’m hoping that reading an extra 8 books won’t be too much of a challenge in 2019 and I might even surpass that.

2. Catalogue my TBR and try and make it smaller

My house is drowning in books. I have no idea how many of them are unread but it’s probably a very large number. I want to take a few days and make a list of all the unread ones and hopefully that number will be smaller by the end of the year. I might even make a page with them all list so I can keep track and keep it updated with the ones I’ve ticked off.

3. Get better at scheduling posts

I usually start off quite well in January and post every other day and then life gets hectic and I forget to post for a week or so. I’d love to get better at scheduling content in advance so I’m most consistent in posting. I also want to get better at posting more consistently on Instagram because I’m honestly terrible at that too.

screenshot 2019-01-19 at 16.52.42
4. Get NetGalley to 80%

I don’t read an awful lot of digital copies but I do have quite a few on my NetGalley shelf. My feedback ratio is currently at 51% and I would love to get that up to the recommended 80% but that might just be a dream at this point.

5. Read more outside my comfort zone

Last year I made a concerted effort to read more contemporary books because it isn’t something I normally read. I really enjoyed this and found some books I really love. I’m not going to pick a particular genre this time around but I’d like to read a mixture of things so that my 2019 reads aren’t just 150 adult and ya fantasy books.

6. Participate in more readathons

I sort of discovered readathons for the first time in 2018 and it’s definitely something I want to do more of. I find it really helpful to challenge myself with readathons and it’s a great way to interact with other members of the bookish community.

So those are my bookish resolutions for 2019! What are you hoping to achieve in 2019? Let me know!