2020 Reading Resolutions: Results!

2020 Reading Resolutions: Results!

I made a post of all of my bookish goals for 2020 at the start of 2020 and it was a really fun way of helping me try and keep on track with my reading. I thought it would be fun to do a little check in post and see how many of those goals I reached.

1. Read 120 books

When I picked this goal I thought if I could read ten books a month this would be pretty manageable. Of course we had the pandemic in 2020 so I was in the house a whole lot more, the things that normally take away from my reading time – visiting my family, gigs and hockey season – didn’t really happen so I smashed the target of 120 and made it to 152 books read in 2020.

2. Read more backlist books
I have always struggled with this one because I get so excited about new releases but I did manage to read 42 backlist titles that I had already owned. This is probably going to be a goal again in 2021 so that I can attempt to get my TBR down a bit!

3. Catalogue and reduce my TBR
I did manage to catalogue my TBR during the summer months and it was a bit of a shock to the system when I saw I had eight hundred unread books. I’ve since had two pretty large unhauls to bring the number down a bit and I’m working on buying less books in 2021.

4. Improve my Netgalley ratio
I TRIED SO HARD. When I wrote the original post my ratio was sitting at 46%. At one point during the summer my ratio was almost at 60% but it has slipped again because I’ve requested things. I’m currently sitting at 53%, which is an improvement on my score in January 2020 but I was hoping it would be at least in the 60s. Another goal I will probably return to this year.

5. Revamp my blog and post more frequently
The Bibliophile Chronicles did get a revamp and I’m really pleased with the results. I might do a similar update later on in 2021. I was posting very frequently during the pandemic but since returning to work over the past few months I’ve been really busy and not posting as frequently. Hoping to pick this up in January!

6. A pound a book
This absolutely did not happen. I spent a small fortune on books in 2020 and honestly I’m not even sorry.

So those are the results of my 2020 reading resolutions! If you made resolutions for 2020 I’d love to know if you hit your targets!

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