Guest Post: Where I Wrote Shadowscent – P. M. Freestone

Guest Post: Where I Wrote Shadowscent – P. M. Freestone

Where I Wrote Shadowscent: The Darkest Bloom by P.M. Freestone

Some people can write anywhere, anytime, with any distractions going on around them. I envy their ability to shut out the world and instantly become one with the words. That said, I’m lucky to have lots of options when it comes to writing spots. And I’ve managed to ‘train’ myself to write in some less likely places, too. Here’s just some of the locations where I wrote Shadowscent:

1. My study

WhiteboardAfter many years of writing at home, I’ve recently managed to dedicate most of a room to writing. I painted it the deepest, darkest blue, which I find helps with concentration. It’s also filled with plants—on shelves, stands, even hanging from the walls—most of them on NASA’s list of top plants for using on the ISS, because I’m a nerd like that. There’s also another beloved item hanging from my study wall, my whiteboard. Here’s where the plotting and planning happens, usually beginning with a cast of characters (blurred out in this photo because it’s for a Sekrit Project!)

2. Libraries

EdinburghCentralLibraryThere’s a reason that multiple libraries feature in Shadowscent. I love them. There was a particular time in my childhood where we couldn’t afford to buy books, so the library was a paradise. When I went on to university study, I veritably lived in libraries. My favourite is the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Then, whenever I visit London, I try to make room for a writing or research session at the British Library. In Edinburgh, I love the Central Library for getting my fix of hushed voices and the scent of old tomes—it also has a gorgeous ceiling to gaze at while figuring out thorny plot points.

3. Trains, planes and airports

AirportsI do a fair bit of travel, both for author stuff and for my other job, so I’m often furiously drafting or desperately editing while on the go. I’ve learned to work in airports, and on planes and trains wherever possible. Last year, I finally invested in some noise-cancelling headphones and this has made all the difference.

4. Outdoors

VerandaScotland doesn’t make a frequent habit of putting on prime outdoor writing weather, but when it does, I’ll grab the laptop and head out into one of Edinburgh’s beautiful parks. I’m also fortunate enough to able to get back to Australia once (sometimes twice) annually, so I squeeze in as much outdoor writing time while I’m there—hat and SPF 30+ essential! My favourite place is on the veranda at my sister’s house, if I can get the locals to let me concentrate…

SHADOWSCENT: THE DARKEST BLOOM by P.M. Freestone (SCHOLASTIC) is available now.